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Four Things I've Learnt From Waking Up Early Every Day...


For a long time now, I've considered myself an anti-morning person. I'm not my best self pre-10:00am and I have the feedback from close work colleagues and my mother to prove it. However, this isn't a post about how to be a chirpy 'morning person' (because I have no idea). Instead, this is a post on how to enjoy your mornings even when you're not a morning person. 

I've been wanting to get into the habit of waking up early every day for tons of reasons. It's supposed to improve your sleep cycle, it's correlated to being more successful and honestly, I'm not much of a night owl anyway. That said, this year I finally set myself the task to wake up at 6:00am on weekdays and 7:00am on weekends. A couple of months down the line, here's four things I've learnt and loved about my early starts...


Now, remember what I said - I'm not even nearly a morning person, so the sound of bird song and seeing the sunrise isn't motivation enough for me to swing my legs out of bed each day. Some days I find it near impossible to not snooze my alarm and on a few days, I'll admit I've had a 'f*ck it' moment and rolled over in favour of more Charlie Hunnam fantasising. As good an idea as this might seem though, let me tell you: It isn't. Why? Because Charlie's taken, and you're going to be late.

When you wake up early, you're awarding yourself precious time to start the day in the best possible way. There's no rolling out of bed last minute, skipping breakfast or forgetting your phone in a blind rush to get to work before your boss notices you're late again. For me, waking up earlier means I can take it slow and adjust to a new day, rather than charging into work hungry, ugly and in a foul mood before I've even looked at my emails. Plus, my work wife and mother aren't subject to pre-coffee meltdowns any more so it's smiles all round!


In order to make good on your new good habit, you're going to need a pretty banging morning routine to keep you motivated enough to wake up at what feels like silly o' clock. My favourite way to start my mornings is by filling out the Gratitude Log in my bullet journal, reading something like Little Black Book to give me a boost of productivity and if I'm feeling fancy, I'll even light a candle. These little additions make each morning enjoyable to the point where I don't feel like waking up because I have to, but because - dare I say it - I want to. Crafting a morning routine to suit you, whether it's an early morning run, working on a passion project or watching Real Housewives (again, guilty) will turn each morning from soul-destroying to satisfying. 



When the rest of the house is asleep, the sun's rising and the coffee machine is working it's magic is when I'm my most happy. There's no constant pinging from the girls' group message on my phone (much as I love a good meme), no fighting for the remote and unlike at night, there's much less chance of a boogeyman/psycho killer loose in the house. Seriously, since watching Silence of the Lambs I've never been the same in a dark room.

As romanticised as it might seem, waking up early is like having that lazy Sunday morning feeling every day. Time to think, slob out or set off to a workout before you properly start your day is a lovely indulgence that we can all practise more of. All you need is an alarm clock, a strong dose of caffeine and some willpower!


There's a reason why the Apple CEO, Michelle Obama and Oprah wake up by 6am. Being awake bright and early has been linked to an increased chance of success and who doesn't want to live like a total boss-ass babe?

There's something slightly addictive about the feeling of getting sh*t done before a lot of people have even surfaced, particularly on a weekend. Some of my smuggest moments so far include my Sunday morning workouts whilst the rest of my family nurse nasty hangovers, cracking through my reading list instead of making excuses about how 'I don't have time to read' (I'm already on my sixth book this year!) and winged eyeliner applications before 8:00am. Please, hold your applause on that last one ladies...
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