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Style Lessons From Over The Last Year


If I could define my current style in three words I would say it's simple, androgynous and smart-casual - okay, four words. I love to regularly mix feminine and masculine cuts, team formalwear with functional items and yet keep my outfits looking considered and clean. Through my twenties I feel like I've really started to refine my style and so far, I'm really happy with my 'less is more' approach (more on that here), however there's always room for some self-improvement...

Now, there are certain things I just know about my style and have done for a long time. For instance, I know that in my case denim isn't a choice; it's a lifestyle. I know I don't iron nearly as much as I should. I know I'll always have a weakness for an ugly shoe, much to everyone I know's disgust. Equally though, there's a lot of style lessons I've not really noticed until more recently. Some are based on today's fashion, others are because my tastes have changed over time but all together they form my boyish and very beige daily uniform, starting with...


From my Instagram feed to food cravings, everything in my life is looking decidedly beige at the moment. As you can probably already tell with this outfit, I've been building my collection of brown, camel, cream and tan-coloured clothes for all the warm, neutral style vibes. I've even started dipping into the world of gold jewellery - something I never thought I'd do as a self-sworn silver girl! Unexpected as this shift was though, I'm loving all the soft, vintage-inspired tones that have slowly worked their way in my wardrobe, particularly as we head into spring. Admittedly, it's a bit more high maintenance than my usual uniform of all black errthang, but so far the heart palpitations that come with wearing cream trousers have been worth it. Must. Not. Spill. Coffee...


I've been wearing my trusty Topshop Straight Leg jeans for some time now, but it wasn't until I slipped on a skinny-fit pair recently that I realised just how wonderful straight-legs really are. So I'm going to put it out there - skinny jeans, we're done. And its not me, its you. You're uncomfortable as s**t, a pain to get on and I've found someone else who accepts my food baby, period bloat and/or both. Bad jokes aside though, if you've been binge-watching Friends on Netflix and fan-girling over nineties Rachel or you just fancy expanding your denim drawer, I can't recommend this cut of jeans enough if you want to become a comfy convert too.


There are a lot of girls who love to get all dressed up - hell, I used to be one of them! But lately I've come to accept that whether it's a day at the races, wedding or fancy do, I'm not crazy about formalwear and y'know what? That's just fine. My dislike for getting done up to the nines I think fundamentally stems from a no fuss or frills approach to style. Formalwear often includes uncomfortable shoes, shaving my legs and worst of all: you only wear the pieces liiiiike twice. Cost per wear is incredibly important to me and as much as I believe you can dress a quality item up or down, a ballgown and trainers a la noughties Lily Allen just isn't for me. Luckily, Missguided just made a 'Jeans and a Nice Top' section on their website  though so if you need to find me, you know where to look...


Last of all is a lesson that I find the hardest to navigate: balancing a considered approach to style without letting myself become too limited. Total head f*ck, right? Let me explain...

I am very conscious of the clothes I buy as I hate having too much stuff, often feeling overwhelmed by too much choice. This means I give a lot of thought to the new pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to refresh my style for each season. However, I have to admit my impulse purchases quite often end up being the biggest players in my daily wardrobe, just like this beloved checked blazer. When it comes to defining my style I can definitely overthink things, so I've learnt that sometimes you've just got to say 'stuff it' and get the sodding shoes/shirt/sunglasses cos life's too short and the & Other Stories site is sometimes just too tempting.

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