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Style Investments for Spring


Now I don't mean to jinx anything but I think spring is finally on it's way (she says in hushed tones). I normally find a real rhythm with my chunky knit and warm coat rotation each winter but this time around, I just couldn't get excited about dressing for the cold weather. Needless to say, I'm happy to wave off last season's wardrobe in favour of less thermals and more open-toe shoes.

I see each transition into a new season is an opportunity to update my look and consider what I think will be the hero pieces that see me through the next few months and fingers crossed, for years. As I have mentioned before in my 'Less is More' style post, I'm not one for mass spending but I do believe in a handful of quality purchases to keep you invested in your style so it doesn't go stale. Well, that plus you can only resist the 'Checkout' button on & Other Stories so many times... On that note, let's talk spring wishlists:


Kicking things off with my first spring style addition: this incredibly lovely, bohemian-vibe cardigan from & Other Stories (See? I told you I couldn't resist that bloody brand). I've searched high and low over the last year for a piece like this that a) didn't look super cheap but also b) didn't cost an absolute bomb either. Turns out, this proved to be quite the balancing act however I think this snuggly new number is the perfect compromise. It satisfies all my polar bear wishes, keeps me just toasty enough that I don't need a coat and is practically dripping with cool girl points. My ultimate style vision for this beauty? Pairing it with a basket bag and some gold hoops so I practically scream throwback Sienna Miller...


For a long time, I've considered what I class as my wardrobe's accent colour. You know, that little pop of something that breaks up a mostly monochrome palette and yet still ties everything together? Well, it's a bit of cheat as it's still neutral - sorry not sorry - but I've come to the conclusion that for me it has to be camel and tan tones. Things like a classic trench coat or wide leg trousers in this colour way can elevate a look x1000000 and never date as it's such a timeless spring into summer styling approach. Plus, who doesn't want to look a littlea lot Parisian?


Considering I wear jeans most days, I recently realised my denim collection is actually pretty scaled back and sad-looking as I don't seem have more than a handful of pairs to rotate through work and weekends. So, with this in mind I've decided to momentarily sack off my 'less is more' mantra and diversify my most worn styling item with a few new cuts and colour options for spring. For as long as I can remember, I've been a loyal fan of Topshop denim so I definitely want to investigate a few of their newer styles like the Orson numbers The Anna Edit keeps mentioning. Also, I only ever hear great things about the Levi wedgie jeans and I'm all about getting that peach, especially if it's achievable without doing 500+ lunges! Along with different cuts of denim, there's also the lighter wash palettes stereotypical of warmer weather. Right now I'm swoooooning over the off-white options I keep catching on all the IG style babes but real talk: if it comes to choosing between cream jeans and a risky jam doughnut, the latter always wins.


Rounding this style chat up; let's talk accessories. Previously you wouldn't have been able to pay me to opt for anything other than a black bag, belt or otherwise, however these days I'm really swaying towards all things tan! Brown accessories seem to really soften a look, adding a touch of neutral warmth that a harsh black tone just can't do. I'm eagerly hunting out some pieces in this particular colour way to change up my look for the upcoming seasons. My current criteria for brown accent bits include: loafers, sunglasses and a pretty basket bag, which I'm hoping will do a lovely job of breaking up my array of black outfits and bringing out my inner-Jane Birkin. Well, a girl can dream...

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