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My February Highlights



I set myself a handful of goals in February; the toughest one arguably being to make the most of my mornings by getting up that bit earlier. Now that the sun is rising sooner and sooner, I've wanted to enjoy my favourite time of day by stretching out each morning for as long as possible, setting the right tone for the day rather than rushing around like a crazy (and very cranky) person. Now, I wake up to my alarm at 6am on weekdays and 7am at weekends, light my Espresso candle and enjoy my first cup of coffee in bed with an inspirational book and. It. Is. Heaven. At the moment I'm reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and let me tell you: having lovely little additions like this in my morning routine has truly helped me to start each day with a more positive outlook and on really really good days, even some liquid eyeliner! See? Life-changing...


Another goal for me this month was to get in some more QT with my girls. I often think about how lucky I am to have such a brilliant group of females that I call best friends, but when you all turn 20-something it becomes far too easy to prioritise boring adult-ey things like work, cardio and a good night's sleep over some well-earned fun with friends. In fact, I'm calling it - the days of holding back one of your mates' hair at house parties or spending an entire evening talking about your latest love interest on MSN are officially over *sigh*. Just because we have these new-found and dull responsibilities though, doesn't mean friendships don't deserve some TLC too! Subsequently, some of my very favourite highlights of this month include a boozy night out (black sambuca not optional), pizza and pyjamas at one said bestie's new flat and a lovely lunch date or two, all with my wonderful friends. After all, SJP said it herself: good friends are the real soulmates in life - even when they're force-feeding you disgusting shots.


What a bloody show. Following the beforesaid sambuca incident, I spent an entire Sunday this month ploughing through series one of this programme and it gave me aaaaall the feelings. I mean I laughed, cried, sobbed and then some! If you want to watch something life-affirming, warm and completely relatable whilst we all impatiently wait for the next series of LOVE to come out on Netflix, I recommend this US drama 100 times over.


Spring is creeping in slowly and as we head away from the depths of winter this month, I'm finding my motivation levels rising more and more. January is always a bit of a slog, let's face it, so now that the day's are stretching out and the new season's fashion is so close I can practically see the money leaving my bank account, I really feel myself setting into a new stride. From making some style moodboards in my bullet journal to ticking off all my daily tasks more and more often, it's been lovely in some kind of way to wave winter off and get excited for spring time. Lightweight jackets, reading in the sunshine and iced coffee - I'm ready for ya...


So what's in store for March? Well I've most definitely let my fitness slip over the past few months so my top priority is to resume my workouts and make a minimum of three trips to the gym a week. I always feel so much more energetic and at ease when I'm exercising regularly so taking the time out for HIIT classes and kettlebells will be more than worth the extra hair washes. Also, David and I are itching to look at some houses and set our dreams of moving out this year fully in motion so booking a few viewings would be just brilliant. Lastly, what would spring be without a spring clear-out?! I've stockpiled the bin bags and anti-bac wipes in preparation and basically nothing I own is safe... *cue the dramatic music*
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