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Every Kind of Female Friendship and Why They're So Valuable


Females unite for my new favourite occasion - International Women's Day! A day where I can belt out Spice Girls and wear my Feminist slogan tee oh so proudly; what's not to love, right? I've always thought of myself as such a girl's girl and I love nothing more than seeing females share the love, not just today but all year round because let's face it... We are bloody well wonderful!

To honour a day that celebrates all us ladies out there, I wanted to discuss lasting female friendships in this week's blog post as they are something I treasure to no end, particularly as I get a little bit older. The closeness and comfort of having a good set of girlfriends is so special, however you might not realise that you have more than you think! I'm a strong believer in a different friend for a different purpose and sometimes, I think we fail to see the importance of each and every one so I'ma break it down for you babes with a list of lovely ladies that give life that much needed zigazig-ahhhh!


I think as we get older, it becomes harder to forge lasting friendships and the work bestie is very much underrated in my opinion. After all, they're arguably the friend that you spend the most time with as five days a week they are by your side through all the shitty tasks, office LOLs and that essential morning coffee. Reasons why I love my work wife so much: She gives me boss-ass-bitch empowerment on a daily basis, buys me cinnamon lattes and when I'm eye-rolling inside, she just knows. See what I mean? A very special female friendship worth it's weight in work-related memes. 


Because a friendship based on a strong foundation of nostalgia, embarrassing stories and Baby Spice  hair inspo never dies, right? My longest-standing friend has been around for twenty years now and it's fair to say she's seen me through everything from heartbreaking to happy to downright hilarious. She's in more memories than I can even count - hell, she was there when I learnt how to count! - and perhaps most importantly, she's the most loyal friend out there, tried and tested. After all, any friend who stands by you through an awkward goth phase in my case, will stand by you through pretty much anything...


In my opinion, you can never have enough of these girls in your life. Whether it's an impromptu night out with sambuca shots or a reel of silly videos that are Snapchat gold, I love me a girl that can have a good time. Life is incredibly serious so much of the time that we all need a chance to unwind, and what better way than with a friend who brings the fun so you can forget your s**t and laugh until you cry? My fondest friendship memories come from having a group of besties in this category and girls - I thank you all because every drink too many followed by horrific hangover has been so worth it.


A soul sister is that one friend who just gets you. She knows you inside and out, tolerates you no matter how stupid you're being and your friendship basically borders on being telepathic. If I could liken them to anything, I'd say they're the Chanel bag of all friendships - an investment that always gives back, gets better with age and most importantly, should always be treasured. It's also the rarest kind of friend you'll find so no matter the circumstances, never let this very special friendship slide because she is one in a million, without question.


This girl is the ultimate crisis-mode essential. They stick by you in any situation, defending you against any f**k boy, mean girl or bad decision you've made. Put it this way - if life was a game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, they'd be your Phone A Friend. In my experience this girl is also the ideal choice for deep chats over a glass bottle of wine and impromptu plans at the weekend when you just need yourself some girl time. In short, whatever the friendship requirement she's there within minutes, bearing food, alcohol and no-bullshit advice. Side note: if she comes over bearing all three, you've just hit the ride-or-die jackpot...

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