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An Ode to the Cosy Jumper


So, it happened - my first official brain fart of 2018. Despite all my productive habits and a fresh wave of blogging inspiration, January finally got me and my girl boss attitude well and good with a case of creative block this week. Knowing what to write about in my first style post for some time has been quite a challenge and lemme tell you, countless list-making, blog reading and Instagram scrolling didn't seem to help. It wasn't until I had a little Monday moan to my beloved work wife, Meg that the idea came up to write around everyone's favourite winter staple and comfort item: the cosy jumper.

Perfect for cuddling up with a blanket and a book, braving the British weather and everything inbetween, comfy knitwear is essential at this time of year. It's easy to throw on, always looks good and basically serves as fashion's answer to a big bear hug. Plus, what's not to love about a style item that works as nicely lounging at home in as it does battling unnecessary air-con in the office with? Oversized, statement, cropped or flashing cleavage, here's to all the buttery soft knitwear favourites in our lives and finding many, many more to add to the collection...


Whilst I think part of a jumper's appeal is the fact that there are so many kinds to suit pretty much any occasion, I'm sure we've all got a little soft spot for a particular knitwear piece with a certain neck line, colour or style. In my case, it's anything from a shade of cream through to beige, preferably with a bit of texture and toasty warm. Most importantly though, it has to strike a balance between looking both timeless and interesting if it's going to withstand my regular and ruthless wardrobe clear-outs. 

Something like the well-loved Mango number I'm wearing here is a perfect example of a classic knit that also has a touch of something different with it's random flecks of burgundy and navy threads running throughout. Its these little details and quirks that take a plainer piece of clothing and elevate it into what I consider a favourite. Other ways I like to add a little summin' summin' are with some statement sleeves, cool fabric blends or a flattering neck line. Ultimately though, it's all about finding a style of jumper that you know looks good, feels comfortable and transitions well with what's in your wardrobe. You find that - well that's the moment when a jumper goes from good to the stuff blog posts are made of my friends!

So where do you find the perfect cosy jumper? If you're lucky, you might find it for free in your boyfriend's collection and lets face it, those ones are always the snuggliest. Otherwise, I love to hunt out any new knitwear additions somewhere like Zara, H&M, Mango, Weekday or & Other Stories - basically, the European brands do it best.

Never one to miss an online shopping opportunity, I went through the jumper sections of all of these brands to find the best neutral and toasty knits out there and came away with three sure-fire winners. BEIGE FOR EVERYONE! But whatever your wooly preference might be, I think the golden rule is never underestimate the power, style and comfort of an effing great jumper purchase *inserts mic drop meme*



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