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How I'm Beating the January Blues


Let's face it - if months were a box of Celebrations then January would be the Bounty. It's that cold and very un-Christmassy month where we have to adjust back into sad habits like setting alarms, eating vegetables and wearing bras. VOM.

Don't get me wrong, there are some aliens people who love this time of year and if you're one of them then 'dayummmm'. For those of you who favour the foetal position and a doughnut though - let's talk. Unfortunately there's no escaping the big fat slap that is adulthood right now, however there are ways to make Blue Monday feel a little less blue. Here is how I'm taking off the loungewear and taking on 2018...


New years resolutions are lovely ideas, but in reality I’ve set myself the same ones time and time again since 2011 and I’m still no better at texting people back or being nice pre-10am. Hence why instead of disappointing myself with yet another year of bad WhatsApp etiquette, I’ve gone for a much lighter, goal-setting method for 2018. Nothing unachievable, just some small milestones that make for a simpler everyday life. For example, I’ve introduced a 30-minute clean into my every day routine, rather than wasting what feels like a whole weekend on washing darks, wiping down surfaces and wishing I was doing something way more fun. Also, instead of Veganuary I’m cutting out red meat. For me, it’s all about the small wins and what better excuse than the New Year to make these little changes, rather than crazy challenges that go against the entire essence of you. Sorry friends, but it looks like it’s another year of dodging all contact with me before my morning coffee…


As well as getting my ass down to the gym for a HIIT class with what feels like the rest of the world, I plan to focus on my mental health as much as, if not more than my physical health in January. It's so easy to get sucked into the woes of winter at this time of year - in my case, mostly because the beloved cheeseboard's gone. Luckily though, my brie withdrawal is easily cured by a Sunday afternoon spent getting inspired with lots of reading, reflecting and rest. Just because the Christmas break isn't long behind us doesn't mean we have to throw ourselves into everything at a gazillion times an hour. Be kind to yourself because being cold, skint and back at work is punishment enough, mmkay? 


Although January might at times feel like it is going to go on forever, I promise it does not. In fact, it's only one month of twelve in 2018, so what better way to spend the newest part of the new year then planning lots of lovely things to do to fill those 52 weekends?! I'm so excited to set aside some time pencilling in dates and ideas of things I'd like to do, whether it's big 'bucket list' style or just small, simple pleasures. Spoiler: said ideas definitely include seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, taking long baths and hopefully buying our first home. BRB while I touch all the wood (Oi oi!), cross my fingers and toes and blow out someone else's birthday candles...

Whatever your approach to the new year though, here's to having lots to look forward to and be grateful for, beyond the simple prospect of whipping that bra off post-5pm (even though that alone is pretty great...)

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