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Life Update: The 2018 Edition


A big discovery I made recently when looking through my blog archives from last year was the power of a personal blog post. This time last year I wrote a life update, having taken a similar break from Elisha-Maé to do other things (read: watch Netflix) and I found out you guys loved it. Who knew boring little me had so much to share?! Well, despite having the same crazy roots as this time last year - DOH - I'm back with a 2018 edition of what's been, gone and what you can expect to come. Spoiler: It includes a long-overdue trip to my hairdresser...


As far as my relationship and work goes, not much has changed since last year - in short, David still loves his dog more than me and I'm still in digital marketing. However, whilst I am perfectly happy with the comfort and consistency on those two fronts, I do feel like a lot of other aspects of my life are due for some biiiig changes in 2018.

Firstly, David and I are determined to buy our first home together this year and even though that's still a little way off, we're already knee deep in interior debates and budgeting spreadsheets. Stay tuned for the outcome of our current carpet versus hard floor battle... Then there's my best friend Hannah's hen-do and wedding in the spring, which has been about ten years in the making so as you can imagine it'll be all happy tears, booze and trying to get as little of the aforementioned on my bridesmaid dress as possible. Then in amongst those bigger milestones, we have a handful more weddings and receptions, two mini holidays and David's 30th birthday!

For now though, I'm making the most of my downtime with lots of bullet journalling, reading and constantly reminding myself not to buy coffees if I want to afford all of the above - main photo for this blog post aside! Like most 20-somethings, I'm in an incredibly exciting and also slightly terrifying adult stage of my life, where it's less big nights out and more big saving schemes but I'm so looking forward to what the next twelve months bring - and fingers crossed, it doesn't involve bloody carpets!


Remember that blimmin' holiday I kept banging on about last year? Well it finally happened - David and I spent a week in the autumn exploring New York City, drinking all the Aperol Spritzes and walking until our feet just about fell off. I'll never be able to express just how wonderful it was and squeezing all the details in one small sitting is just impossible, but I can share my three favourite things from our visit if you're thinking about booking a trip there:

Firstly, ultimate tourist points go to the Top of the Rock. You all know it, that glorious Instagrammable view of the city that looks just across from the Empire State Building? Yeah, well it's every bit as beautiful as it looks and then some - a real pinch-me moment for anyone with a deep love for NYC. Then there was the Broadway show of Aladdin, where we got to see one of our favourite films in theatre which featured the same actor playing the villain, Jafar as in the original 1990 film (?!). Finally, the place where I left my heart: Central Park. We rode bikes during sunset and stopped at the goooorgeous Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, so needless to say I can now die happy, poor - thanks Glossier showroom - and with a constant craving for Flamin Hot Cheetos. 


Lastly, having given some thought to my interests and the blogs I love to read personally (shout out to Kate La Vie and The Anna Edit) this year I'm making the creative decision to position my content a little differently and as more of a 'lifestyle' blog. When I first started blogging, my website was a place where I talked specifically about all things style. However, as time has gone by I've realised that I now love sharing a whole bunch of stuff with you wonderful bunch, which covers far more than just my treasured collection of borderline ugly shoes...

For instance, I'm a self-confessed book worm, an interior fanatic and I bloody well love a good dose of organisation! So whether I have an epic reading recommendation or I've come up with a new way to squeeze the best out of your Sunday morning, it won't be long before it winds up on here. My content has been gradually becoming more diverse over time anyway, but consider this official confirmation that it's not just about fashion for me any more. After all, there's so much other fun things we can talk about! Don't worry though, said fun topics will still include a semi-regular dose of questionable kitten heels from yours truly - after all, when it comes to a man-repelling shoe I can't say no!

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