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September Aims and Goals


September: a month dedicated to new school stationery and the first sighting of our favourite season of them all - autumn! There's always a new wave of productivity and get-shit-done attitudes at this time of year, so to mark the occasion I'm bringing you a brand new list of personal goals that I plan to tick off this month. Candles lit, cup of coffee ready - let's go!


It's been a loooong time coming but finally I can say that next month David and I are off on our dream holibob to New York - eeeeeeeep! I've been gradually gathering trip inspiration and great recommendations on how to make the most of our time out there for months; now it's time to knuckle down and actually schedule everything in, from bike rides in Central Park and visiting the Rockefeller to walking over the bridge for dreamy Brooklyn coffee in true Kate La Vie style.


I mean, any excuse for a clear out, right?! At this point I've realised I love throwing things out almost as much as I enjoy buying them, so of course the start of a new season can only mean one thing: a new wardrobe, work space and everything in-between. Refreshing the everyday areas of my life does my mind wonders and really helps to inject a little extra 'oomph' in my overall productivity. Bin bags at the ready...


Now we aaaall know by now that Elisha likes her books - blog post proof right hereHowever,  reading is never as high on my list of priorities as I'd like, often slipping down the daily to-do list in favour of shit I kinda don't really want to do instead. How does that even work?! Anyway, this month I'm bumping book-reading morning, noon or night right to the top of the list, starting with Truly Madly Guilty which side note: I'm loving!


A lot of people are criticised for posting too much on social media and I agree, it really does have his shortcomings. I however often feel at my happiest when I'm posting away, be it little snippets of my day (mostly coffee and/or clothes) on Instagram Stories or sharing daily outfit photos. This September, I'm determined to make sure I keep at my feeds ticking for both work and pleasure plus, there's no problem a Boomerang can't solve!


                -  Stop pressing snooze
                -  Don't let the life admin pile up quicker than a load of black washing
                -  Find a new Netflix series
                -  Stop ordering Dominos weekly

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