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My Monthly Favourites: September


Ah, my good old fashioned Monthly Favourites - how I've missed you! Looking back through my blog archives, I haven't done one of these posts since March (I know right?!) so I think it's definitely about time I threw this bloggers' classic back in the mix. That, plus I have plenty of fashion, beauty, book and candle favourites from September and further still to share with you. It's about to get autumnal up in here folks...


Firstly, let's waste no time bigging up the blazer trend because it is. To. Die. For. I spent an entire shopping trip with my mum and sister agonising over this checked (and fairly pricey) Zara piece before YOLOing all the way to the till and home, beloved new purchase in tow. Needless to say, since I saw Tamira Jarrel in the very same one I have no regrets and can't wait to style this a million and one ways in NYC. You didn't seriously think I was going to go a whole blog post without bringing up my trip to New York next month, did you?

Since we last spoke, I've also received a couple of new Monica Vinader rings to add to my collection which I'm totally smitten with. The Grey Agate and Siren Band rings stack together to create a really pretty, minimal combination and together, they reaffirm that my love for MV isn't going away any time soon. Then, in true autumnal fashion I've embraced aaaaall the warm tones this September. Camels, browns, rusty reds - you name it, I want it and the obsession is all thanks to these statement red jeans...


Forget monthly because the following beauty favourites are definitely more of what I'd class as holy-grail items. My bottle of Eau Duelle perfume couldn't come back into rotation more quickly for autumn as it's the most lovely, spiced vanilla fragrance to suit this time of year - kudos Diptyque! For lipstick, I've been wearing the Charlotte Tilbury shade, Sexy Sienna and yes, it has absolutely everything to do with the fact Sienna Miller designed it *swoon*. What can I say - the woman knows how to do a good peachy-nude!


Lastly, the lifestyle round-up! I've already mentioned it a couple of times in recent posts but I've just finished my book, Truly Madly Guilty and Liane Moriarty - I salute you. After watching the TV adaptation of her Big Little Lies, I hoped for more great things and this story completely captivated me from start to finish, plus I adore her style of writing. Definitely an author whose work I'll revisit again, no question.

As well as a great book, you obviously need some gorgeous candles as the perfect autumnal accompaniment. I've been burning all sorts of warm, lovely scents for the season, my favourites being: the Anthropologie Boulangerie Espresso candle (which needless to say smells like freshly brewed coffee) and a little White Company Lime and Bay number which smells particularly nice when burnt in the daytime. Also, shoutout to my beloved and sadly all-burned-out Green Tomato Leaf candle from Jo Malone - you will be sadly missed little buddy...

Then, there's my one true love and most favourite gadget: my Nespresso coffee machine. How I ever lived without getting high on my own frothy coffee supply, I sincerely don't know. It's safe to say though that my caffeine buzz has never felt as good as when it comes straight from my kitchen, rather than a shameful, early shuffle down to the nearest Costa machine looking like I smoke crack. Yay for regaining my dignity!

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