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Autumn Styling: My First Purchase Of The Season


I've pulled out the chunky knitwear from under my bed, ordered a chai latte and found my first conker; yep, it's officially autumn time. Excuse me while I swoon.

There's so many good things about this time of year; namely series two of Stranger Things, cinnamon everything and of course, the fashion darling. From big coats to beautiful ankle boots and everything in-between, autumn is easily the most stylish season of the lot and the best most dangerous time for shopping. That said, I've already given into a couple of Apple pay impulse buys to see me through the colder months and like an over-excited puppy, I'm dying to share them with you lovely lot along with the pieces I plan to add into my style rota long-term. Enter money-flying-away emoji...

Allow me to kick things off with the most man-repelling pair of jeans to ever exist. I've quickly realised one of the key trends I want to incorporate into my wardrobe over the coming months is warm tones. Chocolate browns, rusty reds and camel tones are about to get big and *bonus* these colours just so happen to fit in perfectly with my Instagram theme! Back to the point though, I've started out my seasonal purchases with these perfectly autumnal Urban Outfitters trousers, inspired by fashion babe Emma Hill. A super wearable yet statement piece, these wide 70s jeans style up nicely with loads of things from a black roll-neck to a white cotton shirt. Plus, have you seen the size of those pockets?!? Life changing.

Now I've had a little taste for autumnal shopping, I've quickly filled up my Pinterest and Instagram Saved boards with plenty of new style inspiration. I've already noticed my interest in blazers has recently piqued - particularly those of the checked and/or oversized variety. Plus, now I think about it they're the perfect weapon for battling arctic office air-con, what with dressing gowns at work being sadly frowned upon...

Other trends and key pieces I've picked out to introduce in autumn also include more mid-length silhouettes, starting with this Topshop dress that I may have already ordered - whoops! After that, I'm also in the market for a statement knit with balloon sleeves, just like that f***ing stunning Ganni number. Excuse me whilst I pop a vein over the price tag again...

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