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What's On My Autumn Reading List: Brand New Books


Nothing makes me happier than a trip to the bookshop and with autumn not too far around the corner, lately all I can think about is cosy evenings filled with The White Company candles, my favourite pyjamas and something good to read. Plus, who can resist that new book smell? Needless to say, it wasn't long before my local Waterstones willed me in to pick up the following fiction and non-fiction finds...

After binging on the Big Little Lies boxset - which I loooooved by the way - I've been itching to try out a Liane Moriarty book for more secrets and all round shit storms of drama. Truly Madly Guilty's blurb instantly grabbed me whilst browsing the bookshop one lunchtime, so team some major intrigue with a splash of millennial pink on the cover art and what do you have? A lightening-speed purchase plus a welcome addition to my very girly bedroom - #winning.

The only book I'm already a few pages into, Big Magic was bought as a source of inspiration (read: royal kick up the ass) when my motivation decides to take an inconvenient dip. I've recently found having a fiction and non-fiction book on the go is great as the two tend to serve reading purposes for both work and pleasure. Big Magic certainly fills the life advice-shaped hole in my heart where Sarah Knight's sweary books previously were *sigh* and so far, I'm really into her thoughts on inspiration and creation. Side note: Not sure who Sarah Knight is or why her swearing has such a special place in my heart? See here for my last book haul and all will be revealed...

Yay for more millennial pink! The Curated Closet is one of those very Instagrammable books I've been seeing in all the cool girl's flatlay photos, so naturally I had to buy into the blogger hype. That said though, this book does just so happen to come along at a very good time as I'm really trying to take this whole minimalist 'thing' a lot more seriously. With that in mind, this beau-tiful book sounds perfect for some much-needed streamlining of the many t-shirts, jackets and shoes that I can't seem to part with. Did I mention it's pink?

You know those cute older men that work in the book shop and make it their mission to seek out a book you'll like? Case and point with this bit of crime fiction. It's a debut who-done-it book with lots of unexpected twists - or so I hear from Bookshop Bob - and I'm always after a good thriller to read so consider me one happy (or just easily persuaded) customer. 

This weekly journal was a gift to feed my borderline obsessive list making. If bullet journalling is something you kinda like the sound of but it looks like waaaay too much work, 52 Lists is a perfect alternative for practicing mindfulness in a book that's all set up and pretty already! From listing your goals and dreams to the things that cheer you up most, after a year you'll end up with a book filled with your thoughts, hopes and reflections to look back on - that, and if nothing else it might be something to laugh about at your own expense in 10+ years. Every cloud, and all that...

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