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Wellness: Five Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing


Wellness is a pretty 'in' topic at the moment and if you're reading this post, you're probably one of two kinds of people; either you're totally on the bandwagon of being mindful and good to yourself as the term 'wellness' intends, or you've no idea what the f&*% I'm talking about but it sounds like something you should probably do. 

My guess is if you fall into the latter category, you probably neglect looking after yourself in favour of - well, everything really! Well I'm here to officially order you to close the social media apps and shut down your inbox in favour of some quick, happy and healthy antidotes to stop life's daily stresses getting the better of you. Commencing my five top tips for taking better care of yourself in 3...2...


Whenever I'm feeling anxious, under the weather or just a little bit blue, one of the first things I'll do is hop into a hot bath and I highly recommend every now and then you do the same. As a bit of a bath-running connoisseur with temperature precision that's pretty much perfect - adding that to my CV now... - I know firsthand the power of a bath filled with bubbles, oils and all that good stuff to cleanse your body, mind and soul. For a spot of luxury or to cure a really, really bad day I love Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Bath Oil as the incredible floral scent instantly lifts my mood. For those other times when I can't bear to watch well-earned money trickle down the plug hole though, I also have a more purse-friendly option which is the lovely Scooper Dooper Bubble Bath by Zoella. Use one of these and add in a good book or Netflix series and I promise you'll leave your bath feeling like brand new.


No, seriously... Exercising, whilst it might at first make you feel like you want to vomit/cry/kill yourself, is single-handedly one of the best ways I find to switch off from the outside world and focus solely on my own well-being. Not only do I love completing an intense HIIT class or crazy cardio session because I can then feel okay about the X doughnuts I've had that day - I also love to work out because it clears my mind, lifts my mood and boosts my self-confidence. I draw the line at burpees though... those things never did anyone any good.


You know what they say: Tidy space, tidy mind. As I continue to class myself as an amateur minimalist, I can vouch for the idea that living with less will free you up to think more clearly and live a simpler life. If you're feeling like your current space, be it your desk or your whole house, is filled with things you don't think are beautiful nor useful, it's time to pass on what isn't doing it for you anymore and make room for what inspires you. With every bin bag, you'll feel better I promise!


What better way to get in a good mood than a bit of your favourite music? I can't tell you the amount of times I've felt troubled just to have the perfect 90's R&B song come on and cure my cycle of negative thinking. Making room for your favourite music on a daily basis is a sure-fire way to help you feel positive and productive. Just try to resist belting out Britney in public if you can help it - easier said than done, I know...

If you need some Spotify inspo, I personally love to listen to playlists like #ThrowbackThursday, anything by Kanye or Drake and R&B Radio


Lastly fresh air, sunny weather and open space are the ultimate cocktail for feeling happy so whenever you can, make the most of any opportunity you get to experience any or all of the above. Go on a walk at lunch time, take your book outside for a change or switch a sweaty gym for a work out in the sun. An open-back top and running through a field of wheat Theresa-May style is optional; making the most of the British sunshine however shouldn't be *enter any of those 1, 000 000 memes...*

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