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Turning 24: Lessons, Experiences & My Top Moments Over The Past Year


I love me a birthday, and last weekend I celebrated turning 24 with too much food, too little exercise and plenty of lovely presents. This latest milestone got me thinking not just about my new coffee maker(?!) or the fresh stack of books I got gifted though, as in the last year there has been a lot of peaks, pits, successes and failures for me to learn and grow from. So, in the spirit of self-reflection I've created a list of 24 wonderful things - from life lessons to stand-out moments to self discoveries - that have made me the happy little twenty-something that I am today. Hold tight my fellow excessive list makers, this one's for you...


01. Booking a dream trip to New York City in autumn with David
02. Getting a promotion at work
03. Getting asked to be a bridesmaid for my best friend Hannah's wedding
04. Starting a bullet journal
05. Becoming addicted to caffeine (hence the coffee machine as a birthday gift)
06. Celebrating five happy years together with my boyfriend
07. Learning to draw botanical plants - thank you The Pigeon Letters
08. Beginning a Gratitude Log
09. Adopting a more minimal lifestyle
10. Getting more ear piercings
11. Becoming healthier: a balanced diet and 3+ workouts per week
12. Beginning to save and gather objects for my first home
13. Fun nights out with my best friends in big cities
14. Going blonder... and blonder... and blonder
15. Watching The Crown - my favourite series this year by far!
16. Holding a newborn lamb (so adorable)
17. Visiting new places in the UK including Birmingham, Leeds and Kingston
18. Finding a holy grail foundation to boost my self-confidence - Estee Lauder Doublewear
19. Developing a soft spot for 90's films
20. Discovering a love for lifestyle content
21. Learning to embrace being an introvert
22. Paying attention to politics, at long last!
23. Learning to buy less and invest more
24. Turning another year older and (possibly) wiser

Flatlay details - Earrings: C/O Maison Noir  |  'Darling' print: Haygen  |  Plant: IKEA  |  New York canvas print: Homebase (old)

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