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Five June Highlights


What with a new found obsession for being mindful and feeling extra hygge-ey thanks to my beloved bullet journal, I figured I would switch up my monthly series from the usual Favourites template into something with more of a lifestyle focus for the June edition. Between a mini-heatwave, busy work schedule and not nearly enough gym visits, here was why June was one of my favourite months of 2017 so far...


I never met a Sunday I didn't like - actually, that very much depends on the amount of vodka, lemonade and limes I've had the night before, so maybe strike that. However from Sunday lunch in a village pub and several walks in the park to a family barbecue and shopping trip, it's fair to say my Sundays have been particularly well spent in recent weeks. Speaking of, I'm planning to write a post on my favourite ways to enjoy a Sunday in summer so keep your eyes peeled all fellow bookworms and coffee-drinking enthusiasts! (Significant spoiler alert, but please come back to read it anyway?!)


Disclaimer: If you haven't been watching this programme, I strongly advise you move on to the next point as the following reality TV ramblings will make little to no sense whatsoever and I'll look like a total melon.

Despite all of the teeth whitening and protein powder aftermath on social media, I unashamedly look forward to the new series of Love Island every summer so how could I not include the reality programme of the moment, along with some of the obvious puns?! 'On paper' I bloody love Camilla, Marcel and Montana but my mind changes even quicker than Olivia's when it comes to the people on this show, so don't hold me to that. After all, 'a lot can happen in 24 hours'... Okay, all bad jokes aside though, it has totally changed my life post-9:00pm.


From visiting my best friend's new home and wedding venue in Cardiff to having another finally home from a stint working in Central America, I've been having all the feels for my girl friends in the month of June. My friendship group has remained pretty much the same since I was 11, so to grow up with such a lovely set of souls and see them thrive in their careers, relationships and lives in general is something that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The best part of all that though? When we come together on a rare weekend to make fun of each other, take a million and one photos and drink like fish.


There's no better way to regain some fresh perspective than setting your out of office for a little R&R. With a week of annual leave left to play with at work, I decided to take a few days out of this month to potter around at home, make said trip to Wales and read a dent into my summer three-book goal. Needless to say, it's been soooo good.


It seems very ironic that I am currently writing about having my s*** together whilst I have greasy hair and am wearing mismatched pyjamas covered in shortbread crumbs. That aside though, in the latter end of June and onwards I have felt much more up together with my priorities, finances and general life-min, thanks to Sarah Knight's Get Your S*** Together book. From making 'Must-Do' lists to determining what kind of chipmunk I am (Alvin FTW), this little guide was the exact kick up the rear I needed to pull back all of the good intentions I'd sadly let slip since New Year. Plus, the author's dry wit is hands down the best cure for battling those Smonday blues.

All in all June 2017, you were a total babe. July is my birthday month so whilst I haven't made any firm celebratory plans yet, I'm hoping the good(ish) weather and better company will continue, along with plenty of food babies, prosecco headaches and obviously more Love Island shenanigans! See what I mean guys, great priorities...

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