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My Non-Negotiable Styling Pieces


At last, a style post! For whatever reason, clothes and I decided to go on a break a la Ross and Rachel recently. Therefore, the time that I would normally spend scouring Asos and saving Brittany Bathgate outfits on Instagram was replaced with good books, some stationery, pretty homeware and you know what? I wasn't mad about it! However, after one hell of a successful trip to H&M where I snapped up the perfect pair of dungarees and white espadrilles, I'm back and feeling like my old 'I want everything' self.

This post isn't about showing appreciation for all things new and shiny though (gorgeous as those lace up shoes may be...) Nope, today I want to give a little love to the silent saviours in my wardrobe that I always fall back on when I'm just not feeling the whole fashion thing. They're the sorts of pieces that lay the foundation to see me through style ruts, slob moments and general 'I don't-give-a-f***' days which were more often than not the case recently - skinny black jeans, I'm looking at you!


Well, duh! Denim pieces are a centre point in most people's clothing collections, however in the spirit of this post I've managed to focus my love down to some great detail. My specific affinity with the fabric starts and (never) ends with those perfect blue shades of denim that evoke a 90's cool, casual style that I love to don particuarly on the weekends. When it comes to the classic denim staple - the jeans - I prefer a sturdier fit and finish of denim like the Topshop Jamie or Straight Jeans, both of which have a high waist. This appreciation only touches the surface though, as I also love to wear dungarees, denim jackets and washed out shirts! All those in favour of double denim, say aye...


In a mostly monochromatic/neutral wardrobe, I often find shoes is where I set out to make my outfit a little more exciting, especially on those 'bleugh' kinda days. Colours, shapes, brands - footwear is by far my biggest investment and the best part about getting dressed each day, especially when you've got plenty of fancy options to choose from. My current favourites in the steady-climbing summer weather include my Black Arizona Birkenstocks, khaki mules from Pull & Bear and - you guessed it - my trusty Topshop loafers.


I've made a point of it many a time, so it's no secret that white is by far my favourite colour. Looking through my rails, drawers and washing basket though, it's pretty clear that this said love transcends heavily through to my clothes too; apparently there isn't a white tee, top or shirt I've met that I didn't just have to buy judging by my collection!

Whether it's a bit of broderie anglais, a crisp white shirt or a striped top with a white base, something about the clean and simple aesthetic of a classic white item that just speaks to me as a fail-safe option for dressing each day. If only the 'fail-safe' aspect applied to meal times...


If I'm looking for something with a bit of added oomph, it often comes with a pretty, quirky or sometimes non-existent back. Low backed bodies, dresses with cut-outs across the back or camisoles that are more confusing to figure out than an algebra equation are easily my favourite options for when I want to look a little bit 'extra'.


Ooooh, I love me a bit of ankle... Whether it's a wide culotte or something more refined, I love anything that cuts off a little too early on the leg as I find it always gives a bit of added interest, plus it shows off those beloved shoes we just spoke about! Who'd of thought fashion babes like Alexa Chung could make ankle swingers so trendy?!


E.g. the kind of shirts that don't need to be ironed, ever. Silk effect, blouse-like or weighty cotton shirts make up a significant portion of my most-worn items and are another area where every so often, I like to make a statement. For instance, I recently picked up a blood orange number to pair with blue denim for the most heavenly colour combination of the moment. In fact, if I had one piece of style advice it would be never to underestimate a button-up - well, that and always say no to a shoulder pad...

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