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The Little Happy Things In Life


I know what you're thinking - The Little Happy Things in Life?! Slightly off piste for a girl with as dry and sadistic a humour as mine. However with a break from work, a bridesmaid request and some fresh new perspective, I say we just roll with this tra-la-la moment and I share some of the small pleasures in my life that without fail induce that warm fuzzy feeling.

No, there are no rainbows and unicorns to be seen here folks (unfortunately). Rather, this is a list of little *hygge moments taken from various gratitude logs in my Bullet Journal this year so far, to give us all a little quiet optimism and appreciation for - you guessed it - the little things that make us  most happy in life...

*hygge - The Danish ritual of enjoying life's simple pleasures.


Reorganising. Work spaces, wardrobes - anything that brings on that feeling of organisational smugness.
Finishing a book.
My morning coffee. There is no better buzz.
A perfect, lazy Sunday.
A good work out. Because when you manage those extra reps or additional kgs, it's always a good feeling.
Surprising my best friend on her birthday. When does it not feel good to see someone happy-cry?!
Starting a new boxset. Netflix, I salute you.
Praise at work.
Creating blog content that I'm happy with and excited to share.
Pay day! A universal day of happiness.
A well-deserved lie in.
Movie nights. Preferably 90's.
Feeling inspired.
Seeing old faces. e.g. Those old work colleagues you genuinely miss, old school pals - the lot.
Prosecco and pizza. Fantastic alone but even better together.
Throwback Jay-Z.
Date nights. Food preferable.
My lovely Nanny. Because grandparents are a blessing and just the best.
Girl talks.
A fresh hair-cut/colour.
Sunny drives in the countryside. With good music, of course.
Finding the perfect pair of jeans. Harder than finding a husband.
Cardigan weather.
Little trinkets and keepsakes.

"Someone else is happy with less than what you have."
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