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My Monthly Favourites: March 2017


Hi everyone, my name is Elisha and in March I had a major shopping addiction.

Every time a new season rolls around, I seem to lose all control and concept of my money and help myself to a new and wholly unnecessary wardrobe (see here for the evidence). After a lot of spending, money-induced meltdowns then followed by some more spending though, I am definitely content with my spring edit and ready to share some of my instant favourites, along with some beauty and lifestyle thrown in too, as is always the case with monthly favourites. Warning: savings were seriously hurt during the making of this post...


Starting with every blogger's favourite and every boyfriend's worst nightmare: straight-leg jeans. Every Saturday and Sunday I've been cracking out this new Topshop addition to encompass all of the casual weekend feelings. I caution you though girls, the comfort levels come at a cost - that being a pretty severe case of 'mum bum'. Sorry Dave...

My slogan tee longings from February were also answered this month in the form of a 'Feminist' tee, to indulge both my inner sass and anti-Trump attitude. Also, can we all just take a moment for stripes in all of their forms, cos I can not get enough of them...


Spring's here, so of course I had to satisfy my basic bitch tendencies and lighten my hair up a bit, right?! I'm loving the new silver/blonde colour I've got fresh for the warmer weather, thanks to my babe hairdresser and beaut friend Kayleigh - girl did good.

Along with a fresh bit of blonde, I've also switched up my scents for the new season including a new shower gel. Instead of smothering myself in anything vanilla, cinnamon or chai as I have done all winter, I opted to try out Lush's limited edition Rose Jam to inject a flowery, fresh touch into my everyday routine and I love it. I know, I know: 'Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking...'

Lastly, in March I grew pretty tired of matte lips. Much as I love those formulas usually, I've been reaching far more so for my M.A.C Cremesheen lipsticks - particularly Creme Cup and Pure Zen - just to pat on for easy, every day colours that feel super comfortable and lightweight. 


In the lifestyle category (which is my personal favourite), I've got some homeware plus a book and Netflix recommendation to share. My mum surprised me with this cute round pillow one evening 'just because' which I not only like, but really appreciate because of the sentiment - everyone say 'awwwww'. Propped up with this and either a thriller read like Good Me Bad Me or series two of Love and I'm one happy hibernator. I'd be even happier if I had Mickey's wardrobe, mind... and so the shopping cycle continues, gah.

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