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My Favourite Interior Trends & Home Inspirations


As an early-twenty-something, the idea of buying a place of my own seems miles off from where I'm at right now in my life; that place being sat on ASOS every other day, obsessing over which photo to upload to my Instagram next and climbing the career ladder, albeit at what feels like a painfully slow pace. However, I've recently decided that when the time does come for me to fly the nest, I don't want that nest to be entirely empty except for a blow-up bed and several dust bunnies.

With this in mind, I've slowly started giving some serious thought and research to interiors, uncovering trends I want to incorporate into my living space and even collecting some very small home additions to start things off! These bits and bobs are all things that I can utilise now, but ultimately will also transition into a first place and fill it with personal touches from day one. Want to see? Mi casa es su casa and all that...


For me, cushions, blankets and all manner of soft furnishings are a key way to inject certain colours, prints and materials of the moment into a space without making a long-term and/or expensive commitment. I've been seeing these faux Mongolian pillows in the blogosphere for a long time now, so I'm glad they're now finally filtering into the more affordable stores. Plus, I'm forever partial to a little pink accent (or twenty) like this round blush cushion, mentioned in my last Monthly Favourites. I mean, if these trends are good enough for interior queen Kate La Vie then they're good enough for me...


Ever since I was little and begged my mum for an amethyst keychain in a gift shop, I've been fascinated by quartz crystals. The unique qualities of semi-precious stones like Agate just get me, so items like these book ends and coasters truly represent my signature style.

Then there's the marble trend that continues to pick up steam across all consumer areas. If I ever get the chance to have a genuine marble bathroom then I'll know I've made it big but until then, I'll make do with faux vases and chopping boards - first world problems, I hear ya.


Lastly, lets all just take a minute for all the pretty ceramics out there. This new ring holder and trinket bowl from Urban Outfitters are both beautiful and useful; Marie Kondo would be so proud. The only danger that's formed out of this new discovery is a need for at least another dozen ceramic goodies - must resist Anthropologie and Oliver Bonas websites, mu-ust re-si-st...


Wire accessories are an amazing representation of that minimalist vibe girls like me go mad for. I have been gathering up a mix of metal baskets in all shapes and sizes from places like H&M Home  and already find them so useful for every purpose, from displaying my favourite products to stowing away throw-overs.

As a creative fusspot, I'm also a big fan of wire memo boards. This £7.99 steal is a great answer to my always changing aesthetic, as it allows me to hang and interchange prints, photos and various keepsakes in accordance with my current mood and tastes.


From air plants to floor plants, my eyes go to all things green when it comes to styling a home. Now I'm not an exemplary foster mum when it comes to house plants, but it doesn't stop me trying as I find them so beautiful and zen to have indoors. 

Some of my favourite kinds of plants include Monstera deliciosa, Tillandsia and of course, every kind of cactai and succulent. They're all very straight-forward to care for so if you're a little hesitant then you can't go far wrong with these leafy numbers and trust me, you'll be far happier for their company.

And when I'm broke AF from all the house shopping/deposit saving, there's always the Pinterest board... 

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