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My Monthly Favourites: February 2017


In February, my coffee consumption and inspiration levels were both at an all-time high - coincidence? I think not. Aside from discovering a latte a day (minimum) is the answer to all of life's big questions and/or problems though, I also found a lot of new favourites, from a fail-safe pair of trousers to a big ass house plant, and everything in between...


I have always favoured a tailored trouser over a skirt or dress, but never before have I tried a navy trouser until 2017 - shocking, I know! I discovered this pegleg pair in the Topshop sale a couple of months ago and since then, I have worn them for all manner of work, play and food baby situations. My favourite way to wear them in particularly is with white trainers and a Nibbled Hem Tee - yet another example of my love for Topshop. They have a vintage cotton feel, are great layering pieces and sit so well with my casual wardrobe that I now have three and counting *insert money flying away emoji*

Also, let's not forget the shirt whose praises I keep on singing - this Gingham oversized number from H&M. I'm wearing it in all of my photos on social media, I'm wearing it in my latest blog posts... basically, I'm never not wearing it.


I like to keep things low maintenance when it comes to my hair, and a super easy hair style I have been really into recently is a low bun, like in this blog entry. This style doesn't only perfectly slot in with the messy, undone hair inspos I'm always screenshotting from my phone; it also takes about three minutes so I can carry on being lazy af with this part of my morning routine, yet look a lot more presentable.

Hair done and my hunt for the perfect nude lip colour is arguably over now too, now I've found Child Star Melted Matte Lipstick by Too Faced, thanks to a Sunbeamsjess recommendation - thanks girl. Will this stop me from buying a million more nude shades though? Absolutely not.


I bought my first Love magazine this month, although please note it is more like a weighty coffee table book/fashion bible than anything else. Anyway, it had Sienna Miller on the front and if you follow me on IG, you'll know the #girlcrush runs deep, plus it's packed full of incredible fashion visuals and interviews on very cool people so basically, I'm a bit besotted with it.

Onto a love that transcends through food, candles and back to those bloody lattes again - cinnamon. The smell, taste and everything else that centres around this one, very random ingredient makes it a firm favourite for the last month of winter. Combine all of the cinnamon treats with a classic 90's film, and there you have my perfect night in. Speaking of, I finally watched The Usual Suspects one weekend, and if you haven't seen this Kevin Spacey movie yet then Holy Chicago, you need to!

Then there's my latest bedroom addition, Monster the monstera plant ,who is my biggest and perhaps best plant so far, so of course he gets honourable mention in this edition of monthly favourites. That, and also I'm not the most skilled plant mother so best he gets a shout out while he still can - just incases.

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