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A Book Haul To Suit Every Mood


If you know me, then you'll know me and books go back a long way. As a painfully shy child, I loved nothing more than burying my nose in a bit of Jacqueline Wilson and J.K Rowling to pass the time. Now at the age of 23, the books may be a little more mature and in some cases, a lot more sweary (you'll soon see what I mean) but deep down, I'm still the very same eight year old anti-social bookworm. 

Fresh out of books gifted to me at Christmas time, I recently ran a muck on Amazon and in my local Waterstones to gather up some new books to feed my daily reading habits - ya wanna see..?


Sarah Knight's sassy self-help books have been on my radar for a long ass time now, however with a pinch of the 'New year, new me' still mantra left in my soul, I finally decided to buy The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k and Get Your S**t Together to feed that final bit of oomph  in me (plus I'm very partial to a curse word, or 687+ in this case...)

If you fall in the category of caring too much what other people think, not being able to say 'no', wasting time on unfulfilling tasks and obligations or all of the above, these two books combined will work their damn hardest to rid you of all of these pain-in-the-ass problems. I've already started dipping into TLCMONGAF, and immediately I'm in love with Sarah Knight's science to dealing with bloody annoying social issues - I mean, there's fuck budgets, fuck banks... basically just fucking all sorts to help give you a fresh perspective on life. Plus, as you can imagine it's pretty funny too - bonus!


Good Me Bad Me is fairly new to the thriller fiction scene, with the book's character based primarily around a female teenager with a serial killer for a mother - heavy stuff, right? Ever since the days of Gone Girl though, I'm always on the hunt for my next fix of suspense-thriller-goodness. Once you get hooked on this particular genre of books, I find everything else feels quite weak in comparison - like going from an espresso to decaf, y'know? Anyway, when wandering around the 'New In' section of the book shop, I was immediately interested in this story and already I sense it may end up in a Monthly Favourites post very soon. Watch this space...


The recommendation for this book fed through a friend of a friend's Facebook page, of all places! However, instead of forgetting it like I often do with most things (seriously, ask anyone) something about The Girl You Lost stuck and a little while later, it's ended up on my bookshelf ready for reading.

Yet another crime story, this book is based around the theme of child abduction and is described as a 'gripping psychological thriller' which certainly sounds like my cup of tea, however I'm not nearly as excited to read this one as I am with the others. This is partly because yes, I admit I truly do judge a book by it's cover, and I'm not feeling this one at all, hence why it didn't make the cut for photos - blogger confession alert!


As for the other books stored away in my Save for Later section, I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Lily Collin's Unfiltered which is full to the brim with honest tales of insecurity, humour and more, all from the girl with the best brows maybe ever. Then there's The Curated Closet to feed my fashion obsession and of course, many more borderline-disturbed thrillers I'm sure, so  any recommendations would be gladly received.

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