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Spring Trends: My Style Hits and Misses For The Season


My ASOS 'Save for Later' section is full to the brim, my ankles are shaved and I am ready for spring! Wearing the same big jumper, three layers of socks and scarf combination at least twice a week has definitely become a little repetitive - am i right? - so now we're in touching distance of a new and much milder season, I figured I'd share with you darlings what I think are the hell yeah's, the fuck no's and the something in-betweens of Spring 17's many, many trends...


Gingham: Starting with the trend that speaks to my small, monochrome heart most: Gingham. This print is spanning across shirts, blouses, cropped trousers and into the shopper's beyond, and any trend that can have a moment as big as this yet still remain a classic is a sure-fire win with me. I like to wear this trend best in the form of a gingham oversized shirt with light denim for those comfy weekends full of downtime, coffee dates and general hygge behaviour.

Loafer sub-trends: Sounds fancy, doesn't it? And that happens to be exactly my point, as these 'sub-trends' refer to the act of dressing up well-loved loafers from last season with fun things like fishnet, fisherman and sheer socks for spring. I mean if I could, I would buy as many Gucci leather slippers as I could carry but being that a film quote I often find myself identifying with is Bridesmaids' "Help me, I'm poor", reinventing a current wardrobe staple will do just fine for now.

Obnoxious sleeves: Bell, balloon or just downright excessive, I definitely think my main buying focus for spring will be on items with sleeves that can swallow me whole...


Slogan Tees: My cringe reflex is about as bad as they come, so more often than not I'll wave away any tops with typical, cheesy slogans. Its a similar thing for me when it comes to band tees too, as I can't help thinking if I wore one I'd feel like a massive musical fraud - why can't they make ones for like, Coldplay or something? Anyway, despite my usual rejections of a bad slogan, as the 'in' statements are more on the political and sassy side nowadays, I think that I'm at last being swayed! Also, let's not forget to mention the beautiful Whistles tees with hints of sweet French nothings that I'm becoming quite fond of. Watch this space people...

PVC (aka crazy patent leather): A trend not for the faint hearted; I've been pondering over Matrix style jackets and super shiny trousers for a little while now, however I'm yet to find a PVC piece I like enough to put my lady balls on the line for just yet.


70's Florals: Me and the 70's revival have a love-hate relationship, and unfortunately these garish new florals just aren't doing it for me. As you all know though, I'll never stray far from a monochrome palette so this trend and I were never meant to be - no hard feelings.

Those clear Aviator glasses: I'm definitely in the minority with this one, but I just don't get how I could ever get these faux aviator specs to sit well with my wardrobe choices?! There are girls out there with killer style and confidence to match who will pull these fashion glasses off with absolutely no problem, but me? Sadly not... However, those hexagonal Ray-Bans? Come at me *inserts heart-eyed emoji*

Outfit Details: Round Ray-Bans  |  Zara cream suede coat (old)  |   H&M gingham shirt  |  Topshop Mom jeans  |  Topshop loafers  |  H&M bucket bag (old)
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