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Deep Winter Essentials


I find winter is a pretty polarising season - some hate the dark and bitter cold, instead looking ahead to spring and summer to see it through. Others see this as an opportunity to bed down with a good book and blankets semi-regularly, all with far less fear of the dreaded FOMO. Fortunately I'm in the latter half, so much so my friends made a meme of my face on a milk carton and declared me as missing this January. With this in mind, I thought I would cast a light on all of the lovely 'hygge' things that have seen me through the depths of this winter very happily (and heavily contributed to my anti-socialness in 2017 so far).


Despite being a self-confessed candle floozy, the decision on my ultimate winter candle recommendation was surprisingly easy. The White Company Winter candle has all of the classic notes associated with cold weather - cinnamon, cloves and orange - kicks off a load of scent and doesn't break the bank. Whether it is a weekday evening or a Sunday morning, this is always lit by my bedside table.


One of my favourite things is when you're gripped by a good story. I'd heard a lot about The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena and with a lot of time to spare over the Christmas break, I found a good 70% was spent with my nose stuck in the pages of this, trying to suss out who did it and how it would all end. If crime thrillers are your cup of tea and you still have a book shaped hole from where Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train used to be, I insist you read this one next.


Old cotton tees and your boyfriend's jogging bottoms will do just fine, but if you love staying in like me then I highly recommend the loungewear and pyjama sets in Next. I got a beautiful oatmeal number for Christmas, which sadly no longer seems to be in stock however the grey jumper and joggers are still up for grabs if you fancy something soft and matching for yourself.


I'm a well versed user of my boyfriend's Netflix account and have seen the majority of all of the Original series on offer, but The Crown took things to another level. The casting, costumes and grandeur of the entire programme was unlike anything else so whether you like or dislike the Royal Family, it's worth watching all the same.


When scrubbing up and braving the outdoors, albeit not all that much outside of work and the occasional gym class, I've been a huge devotee to my latest perfume purchase, Diptyque's Eau Duelle. It primarily smells of vanilla, spices and frankincense so as you might imagine, it's by no means a traditional scent but I love the unusual and who doesn't want to smell like a vanilla chai latte anyway?


I don't pamper myself nearly as much as I should, mostly because I'm too busy eating and/or being permanently horizontal. However, if I want to give my skin a little extra TLC then the Loreal Pure Clay Detoxifying Mask is great for a deep clean. I don't think of myself as a beauty connoisseur by any means, so all I can say with confidence is it does a good job at calming my oilier skin as well as clearing up any impurities with little fuss. Suits me as it means I can resume eating my chips and dip with as little interruption as possible - commencing now.

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