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A Little Life Update


So, let me start this post by addressing the elephant in the room - where the fffffflamingo have I been for the past seven odd months?! Don't worry, I was never logging back in here without offering an explanation on the who, what, when, where and why of the time spent away from my blog. After all, as we all know a lot can happen in a little space of time, so allow me to catch you up on things in an unusually personal post. Deep breath...


We're one month into 2017 and I'm happy to say I'm in good spirits now that the dreaded January blues are behind us. I don't know what it is about the first month of each year, but it seems no matter how excited I get for all of that 'New year, new me' buzz, at one point or another I'll be zapped of all motivation and sink into a hole of self pity, ice cream and unwashed hair.

Now it's February and I'm back to smiling (and regularly shampooing) again, I have to give credit to the old and new hobbies I've adopted this year. I finally got around to getting that gym membership I'd been on about and over six months in, I'm still enjoying all of my workouts - well, as much as you can ever actually enjoy exercise. I've also become a heeee-uge bullet journal convert, so much so I have two - one for work and one for home. If you don't know about this trendy organisation system and you're a little life-OCD like me, I strongly recommend you get a pen, pad and visit the OG website now to see what all the fuss is about. Pushing myself to be proactive physically and mentally was a great way to reset the tone for 2017 and I'm determined to keep up the hard work.


If you don't know, I have a boyfriend called Dave (although I've strongly encouraged him to rebrand himself to a 'David' for as long as I can remember) and we've been together for five years now. Whilst  after all this time I still come second place to his basset hound Harvey, we've taken things up a notch and started saving up money for adult-ey things like a house deposit(!) and a trip to New York in October. More on that one later, but all in all everything is dandy and him, the dog and I are all very happy together. In that order.


Perhaps the biggest adjustment since the last time we spoke is my job. I started working in the marketing team at a local college last spring and in July, I was taken on officially for a year-long internship as Digital and Communications Intern at Sparsholt and Andover College.

I searched for a role in the marketing field for what felt like the longest time after graduating from university, so I feel very blessed to have now found a great setting to develop my skill set in the digital marketing and PR industry. A normal day consists of coffee, a fair few emails, some press release writing and working on the website, surrounded by lovely people who occasionally bring their dogs to work, bonus! It's also my first role in a stereotypical office, believe it or not, and although I still haven't adjusted to understanding the importance of tea just yet, I think I fit in quite well.


After a tame NYE, Dave and I decided to spend our hangover-free New Year's Day booking a trip to the Big Apple. It's been at the top of our list of places we want to visit and after five years with no holiday, I'm so glad to have an escape to truly look forward to at last. It'll also play a part to a some exciting firsts, such as our first holiday together and my first time in America so it's set to be very special indeed.

So far, our plans include the Top of the Rock, a lot of food - particularly that of the breakfast category e.g. pancakes, waffles, bagels - and several walks round Central Park in autumn, sigh. Until then, I'll be spending all my free time planning the rest of the trip out in, you guessed it, my bullet journal, so you know where to find me should I go missing again!

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