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an extension of my bedroom interior.

prior to my decorating endeavour, i would apply my makeup whilst cross-legged on the carpet floor - hardly the height of luxury nor comfort. since then, i've had a play with my layout and using nothing more than a £10 shelf, created a makeshift vanity to house all things beauty. assembled by the window, i receive optimum natural light, make use of an alcove otherwise disregarded and now have another lovely focal point for my new, airy interior.

this clear acrylic storage is available in all kinds of sizes and set ups and is a blogger favourite for simultaneously storing and displaying products. here lives my everyday makeup, along with my m.a.c lip tray (mostly matte formulas) and cotton bud jar for correcting all of those fiddly makeup faux pas (mainly, cat-eye related). back ups, occasion and seasonal products are tucked away in a mesh drawer beneath my desk but my overall collection is fairly modest, the majority living in plain sight.

the top compartment of my acrylic drawers covers all things base-related, from foundation and powders to my personal favourite, highlighters. for the moment, i'm having a fling with an old favourite - m.a.c soft and gentle mineralise skin finish. other products include: m.a.c pro longwear foundation (my holy grail base), collection concealers, a topshop matte bronzer and a couple of drugstore blush options, all of which i adore and use almost daily.

the second drawer is dedicated specifically to the eye area including brows, shadows, liners and of course, mascara. firstly, there is my trusty naked 2 palette which houses my favourite brow shade 'tease', along with an array of great eyeshadow options to pack on or lightly apply. cream shadow, pigment and single shades also play a role, my number one product being m.a.c uninterrupted for a warm crease colour. supercat liner, lash sensational mascara and brow drama sculpting gel are high-street products that round out the drawer and complete all matters of eye looks.

lastly, my vanity looks after all of my brushes. consisting mainly of real techniques, favourites include: the buffing brush (from the face core collection), miracle complexion sponge for blending cream and liquid products and the base shadow brush from nicks picks. if only i remembered to clean them regularly...

what are your makeup must-haves and what are you wishing you could get your hands on? liquid lipsticks, double wear foundation and the tartelette matte palette are whats playing on my mind rn, but where to put them...