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/      my (predominantly white) interior

the result of two weeks of interior tlc.

i wanted a streamlined, spacious hub for all of my most favourite things. i define my personal style by using three descriptions and decided to implement the same logic when recreating my living quarters, those concepts being: fresh, strategic and simple. because of my room's modest size and irregular shape, i gravitated to glass and clear acrylics to evoke a larger, airy space to live, work and sleep in. this combined with some classic ikea malm pieces for smart storage and i'm over the moon with the outcome.

i've mixed soft romantic pieces with more minimal, industrial styles to achieve an androgynous aesthetic that i find is a signature look for me. greenery is a common theme throughout the room, from the cacti on the window sills to the dreamy ivy plant and baby's breath in my desk area. i find having plant life in a room injects energy immediately and i'm continuously craving a new little fellow to add to my collection e.g. at the moment i have a spider plant purchase weighing heavily on my mind, but where to put it?

other personal favourites in my bedroom are my new silver metal desk lamplotus flower bowl and the shallow ikea shelf sitting by my bed, ideal for popping my tv remote, book of choice as well as a drink for the evening. when arranging my room, it was important that everything had a function or purpose so that i could prevent a build-up of clutter, therefore clever pieces like the shelf unit and mesh drawers have proven to be wonderful selections.

of course, no space is ever truly complete. i'll constantly re-assess the space and play with arrangements, however i'm very content with my interior thus far. there are prints i want to add - particularly this emma kate co quote - plus i am dabbling with a wire memo board, some anthropologie additions and the white company scents. now i've set down the foundations for the room, i feel ready to invest in some more expensive finishing touches, as i'm an absolute homebody so i feel it'd be money very well spent. oh, and all the cushions! seriously, how do you choose?

thoughts? + if you'd like to see my vanity/wardrobe areas just say the word.