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march /   the arrival of spring.

daylight hours creep out again to make for longer stretches of sun, and a combination of bright mornings and hazy evenings makes for higher levels of motivation and productivity. the daily grind isn't always easy though, so i'm sharing some organisational tips to make the most out of your nine to five and further afield.

write it down
a written diary enforces plans and schedules. my moleskine houses my shifts, appointments etc. as well as daily errands, helping me to map out my week and find structure. each sunday evening i will note set plans for the week ahead, as well as thinking about the tasks i want to accomplish. a sunday well spent brings a week of content, after all. by understanding and prioritising my time, i head into the week with a little less reluctance.

to-do lists work similarly to the diary, however function daily and go into greater depth. again, i write these prior to the day - the evening beforehand so that i can start each day with purpose and avoid slow-to-start mornings. i keep all of these lists together in one notebook to enforce order, as an important list and a fly-away scrap of paper don't go hand in hand. i write mine in my oh deer daily journal, however any notebook would do. i'm itching to try the bullet journal system but i fear this will overcomplicate things... thoughts?

rise early
because the early bird gets the worm. get up, get dressed, get going. lie-ins often leave me feeling ironically more sluggish, so with the return of earlier sunrises i want to utilise the morning time as much as possible.

tidy life, tidy mind
i hugely believe that a tidy setting - be it my workstation, my bedroom, my car - brings a tidy mind. when they're not in good stead, my productivity certainly starts to suffer. by maintaining some visual order in my life, i know i'm set for a better day. and if i'm suffering with a lack of motivation for those big, boring tasks? i'll get started having a sort-out of some kind - clothes, cupboards, desk - so that i'm still making some use of my day, reviving tired aspects of day-to-day life to inject life back into the mundane.

brain dump
the amount of times i've had a creative burst or made a mental note of empty products just to forget a moment later is unimaginable. i have a mind like a sieve (*read as* shit just falls out). to keep my forgetfulness in check, i use the notes app on my iPhone 6 to make more than just a mental note of things. anything and everything falls into these lists titled 'to buy', 'ideas', 'passwords' and more. by storing them in my phone - a product i always have to hand, unlike a little notepad and pen - i can be efficient with my thoughts and organise all the stuff my brain constantly churns so i don't lose out on the, albeit rare, good stuff.

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