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/      the best bag, ever?

in keeping with my conscious shopping mantra, explained in this post, meet march's star purchase: the zara office city bag.
for what feels like the longest time, i've searched for a black bag update but being that i'm fussy af there was nothing quick about this venture. pointer - finding a bag with silver hardware is rarer than water in a desert. nevertheless, my love for metal in a cool finish finally prevailed in the form of this guy, the other key selling points being:

/ its compartments
a macbook sleeve sandwiched between two dividers as well as a front compartment, card slots and designated coin purse makes this the most organised accessory design, perhaps to ever exist.

/ grained finish
to prevent any obvious wear and tear.

/ minimal design
because i love simplicity

... and all for £39.99. whilst its a little bigger than initially envisioned, its nothing anywhere close to garishly oversized and fits plenty for all sorts of scenarios.