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/       'fashion is instant language' -     miuccia prada

if i were to sum up my style in three words at this moment in time: understated, androgynous, considered.

my personal approach to dressing is always evolving, influenced by current trends and the revivals of old favourites. as i grow, i'm finding my individual tastes more and more, however i sometimes will find myself in a style 'rut' of sorts, in desperate need of a little re-invention. to inject some diversity back into my dress code, i often seek out inspiration from the key influences of yours truly, from eras to personalities and more:

/ the olsens
since i was so little, i've loved the twins' approach to clothes. the understanding the girls have for fabrics, quality and cuts is un-paralleled to me and is mirrored so well in their fashion line the row. big brows, centre partings, minimal outfits and those celine sunglasses are the embodiment of the olsen's cool, clean aesthetic and i'll forever be a sucker to ms mary-kate and ashley.

/ the 90s
not the plastic chokers or furry hairbands. no, the distressed levi jeans, sepia-toned makeup and cult trainers collectively inspire my casual dressing inclinations. this laid-back, classic kind of styling speaks to me and houses ideas and concepts for clothes that i don't believe will ever date. its also the source to my deep-rooted admiration for blue and bleached denim.

/ sienna miller
i still treasure my copy of her latest vogue cover. if there's ever a red carpet event, its her who will deliver my favourite look. always pulled together but often with a little quirk here or there - she's simply my 'it' girl.

/ menswear
centred from my love for androgyny, classic menswear items like starched white shirts, trouser suits, masculine shoes and neck ties often influence and feed into my own collection. sometimes i will contrast such items with more feminine accompaniments i.e. lace bralets, bardot shapes or bare legs. other times though i quite plainly like to dress like a tomboy - all depending on my mood.

/ the internet
street style candids, bloggers, instagram accounts - theres an endless supply of fashion on the www, whichever way you turn. for me, the london bloggers have it down to a tee though. content makers such as sunbeamsjess, isabella thordsen and samantha maria mix together their own blends of style, that ultimately each embody an individual version of the edgy, londoner look.

who makes you want to dress better?

featured: adidas superstars: asos | jumpsuit:zara [old] | crop: 915@new look | coat: zara [old]