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black city bag
blush pink
conch hoop

2/ beauty
m.a.c soft and gentle
topshop bronzer
curling wand

3/ life
the people v o.j simpson: true crime story

first: blush pink. clothes, beauty, interior - i'm just gaga over the latest trend and for a complete declaration of love read here. in anticipation of spring's official arrival i've been having a little affair with sunglasses. these new look aviators (similar) are twelve times too big for my face and will thoroughly offend my boyfriend, so naturally they're my most worn of the month. i recently switched my conch stud for a simple, slim hoop which, in hindsight was surprisingly worth all the aggravation i endured threading it in. finally, to sum up my accessory-heavy appreciations the zara office city bag featured in this post has been a blogger's god send. 

this month i had a hair revelation in the form of a karissa pukas tutorial and a reignited obsession with a curling wand. i'm not fussy with appliances and brands - any which one will do and this technique is soooo easy. m.a.c's soft and gentle mineralise skinfinish is an oldie but a goodie in my makeup collection for an admittedly o.t.t highlight and lastly, topshop's bronzer in mohawk is my number one for a contour comme bronzing duo. 

apologies for the quiet spell at e-miwt?. last week my bedroom underwent a complete redecoration and i'm happy to announce ugly pine and magnolia walls are no more. instead, they've been replaced with fresh white paint, more white furniture and furthermore, a far more aesthetically pleasing background for blog photos. thus, this leads to my favourite favourite of the month that i'll be showing off in the soon future. when i'm not in an interior daze though and its time to wind down, the o.j simpson crime story series has been at the top of the television programmes pile and something i'd highly recommend.