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ever since the life-changing magic of tidying up, there has been a certain buzz circulating the concept of minimal living. whilst ideas such as only keeping things that 'spark joy' and thanking those items that don't for their loyal service out loud (?!) are rules that i don't imagine myself enforcing, i believe there is something to be said for implementing a life free from clutter. blogs like un-fancy and vdm practice the art of capsule wardrobes, rotating a clothing collection totalling under forty seasonal and staple items. by restricting spending habits and style options in favour of intentional and considered pieces, the end result is a mini wardrobe made up of interchangeable, well-loved clothes. for a while i've been weighing this concept, wondering if it would improve my mornings and mood overall to enforce such a lifestyle; the realisation i've arrived at ultimately being that the wardrobe i desire is more 'minimal' and less 'capsule'...

let me explain. i appreciate a clean aesthetic: quality fabrics, timeless shapes, basically i'm in love with all things scandinavian. i'm constantly discovering and developing my style tastes, following trends of the moment and playing out of my comfort zone, however i know the deep-rooted, minimalistic staples in my collection are easily the most frequented and over time, cherished. therefore investing money and care in signature pieces, avoiding impulse splurges in favour of considered purchases results in a diverse, controlled collection of clothes - much like a capsule wardrobe - without the rigidity of its rules.

to keep my love for clothes in check, since the new year i've been abiding by some flexible guidelines to  kerb weak *read as: fuck it* shopping moments. typically, i'll consciously buy one staple piece a month: in january it was a dressy pair of boots, whilst in february i spent money on fresh black jeans. next on my list is a black bag update. by determining whats missing in my wardrobe, researching options and devoting money to items well-deserving of their worth, i make good from my wages and exhaust the new piece in question because i'm so damn fond of each individual one. of course, i don't limit myself to one clothing purchase a month - if there's a twenty pound top i'm liking, it'd be rude not to - but for the most-part i don't find myself aching for an asos binge once i've spent out on that one piece i've eyed up all month prior in anticipation.

other ways i practice a minimal wardrobe is through seasonal swaps, storing the items completely void to the time of year. because, whilst i miss my birkenstocks and denim shorts theres no hope for them in a british winter. furthermore, when undergoing these quarterly re-jigs, i will use the opportunity to get rid of any unwanted items. by being ruthless with my clothes and clearing out on a semi-regular basis, i avoid any clothing overflow/overwhelm, keeping only the pieces i truly love and wear, consistently adopting a minimal approach to dressing.

so what is your wardrobe attitude?
capsule / minimal / secret hoarder / downright excessive
  1. lol, you are so right, sorting our wardrobe is very important. i have stuffs i haven't worn for yrs, but when i cleared my closet it was super easy for me

    1. aww i'm glad you agree melody.
      thanks for reading <3


  2. Really love your pictures! So beautifully shot

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  3. Very great post ! Love it ! <3

    Suzanne xx