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/      some quiet optimism for the year

this post may seem like its coming to you late, what with the new year and its many resolutions. the reason i've held off until february though is i didn't want these ambitions to get lost in all of those false ideals for 2016. rather, i'd hope to create a list of wishes for the year that holds a little more certainty. the ten things i'm truly excited for...

/ formation world tour
      days ago i successfully sought after two tickets to beyonce's show. its been on my bucket list since 'bootylicious' so naturally i can't wait.

/ spring time
        because as much as i love winter, its about time.
/ saving
        this year - my first year out of education - i want to do the responsible thing and be wise with my money, in the hopes of ticking off some big
        milestones earlier rather than later and to put a good life skill into practice. no m.a.c midnight sprees, just some good, clean investing.

/ reading books
        one for the masses, each and every year. i am fairly 'bookish' anyway, but what a good habit to get into - to spare a moment every day to settle
        down with a good read. it works magic when trying to unwind from the stresses and busyness of day-to-day life and is still a somewhat productive
        task in itself, so no boxset guilt.

/ getting fit
       if only i could fit the gym bill. sooner rather than later though, i want to create a weekly gym routine for myself in which i better my health and body
       confidence, as well as spending some extra time with friends - bonus.

/ re-decorating
      something i've anticipated doing for such a while now. i sincerely can't wait to get stuck in with my bedroom and give it a long-awaited spruce up.
      out with the grubby magnolia and dated, dark wood furniture, in with an all white and minimal space.

/ 2016 cinema releases
      as a greatly excitable viewer, there are a couple of new releases in cinemas this year that i'm made up to see. suicide squad and the jungle book
      remake are two that immediately come to mind, but honestly speaking the more trips to the cinema for a very worthy film, the better for boyfriend
      and me.

/ planning trips
      how long have i been talking about a trip to new york? too long. this year i hope to at last start planning this venture very seriously. nyc aside, i'm
      also looking forward to weekends away, staycations, and even the prospect of a sunny stay abroad too. after four years without a holiday, i simply
      want to plan a few adventures to keep me motivated the year through.

/ progressing
      not limited to any particular area of my life - work, relationships and as a young adult in general - i'm casting my eyes ahead in anticipation of
      whats to come.

/ new content
      of course, i'm still very much enjoying writing my blog, being creative and sharing my many fondnesses. in 2016 i want to remain consistent with
      this outlet and grow to be better and better at it, so thank you to anyone who makes the time to read this and a big hug too.

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