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/      my three style saviours

with spring in sight, i wanted to run through the three style pieces that have served me best in this very wet, cold season.
(monochrome, mandatory)

1/ roll necks
raw edged, ribbed, and in every neutral colour available. this cold weather basic has been my most worn staple or statement piece depending on the finish. this black basic from new look in particularly is very soft, reasonably priced and a great base for my current trouser-favouring phase. louder and also well-loved pieces include faux mohair, funnel necks and bell sleeves - something to suit all my moods.

2/ black boots
before you click off cursing about how obvious i am, can i just say this year i've found the best pairs of black boots yet. one for casual, one for occasion. the topshop bardot boots are perfectly scandi with my favourite, silver hardware too; good for work, fun and everything in-between. as for occasion, its no surprise the ego demi boots have my heart and soul, seen in this post. with these two sitting pretty on my rail, i don't have any shoe longings whatsoever.

3/ velvet
a firm trend staple - especially for evenings out. i used to detest velvet, the way it felt, everything. for some odd reason though, i've flocked to it like a moth to a flame. my favourite form comes in jackets i.e. blazers and kimonos, as a lovely way to wrap up on a winter's night and add a touch of luxe. certainly a seasonal piece, but with a timeless value about it too.

what were your deep winter staples?

  1. Yesssss I agree!!! Black boots are the best and I've really come to love velvet as well.. A velvet jacket is still high on my wishlist, but I do own a pair of velvet flares.. So coool!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    - Saskia

    1. zara is definitely the best place for velvet if you're still searching for more - i got a velvet blazer for £20 in the sale which i'm still chuffed with!

      thank you for reading and leaving a comment darling.


  2. These pieces are definitely the perfect Winter style! Neutral coloured roll neck are perfection and would compliment almost anything. I have also been loving black boots. I have both a long and short pair, so I find myself wearing either/or on a daily basis.:)

    - - Valentine’s Day Make-up Look

    1. i know, i'm still hunting for a roll neck in a dusty pink!
      thank you darling