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/      when mulling over a purchase literally pays off...

so those style resolutions are coming in handy already.
a week back, i spoke about seeing rid of impulse buying. the topshop master boots had been playing on my mind for months, but time and time again i talked myself out of the eye-watering expense and now i can say that i am all the better for it. these demi boots from ego are nearly a third of the price, and a pleather alternative that comes dangerously close to the real thing.

the comparisons:

/      the 'master's are made from real leather, have a higher heel and and have a stunning sister boot with a bone heel, all for £85.
/      the 'demi's come in a faux leather, patent or suede finish, with a squared-off toe and amounting to £29.99.

both beautiful investments, but its all reliant on your price range - the 'demi' boots were better tailored to me not only because of my budget, but because the squared toe sits well with my style whilst the heel size is a little less daunting. they're comfortable and easy to dress whilst still being a statement piece that fills a gap in my fairly minimal collection of footwear. conclusion? a little research goes a long way... and you can never beat a pair of black boots.

/ this post is not in any way, shape or form a sponsored feature /