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jewellery: the accents we wear each day, adding detail, interest and personality.
most of us would feel naked without it, myself included. in recent years, i've honed in on my collection, paying great attention to the kinds of pieces that compliment my understated style and smaller features, eventually building a collection of very special, silver pieces that now i would be lost without. 

/ rings
hand adornments are my weakness and monica vinader create some of my most favourite pieces, furthermore acting as the primary source for all of my rings. the riva and siren rings are both assymetric, each with a hammered band and are very delicate in both their weight and finish. what i like best about the riva is its simplicity: the openwork detail is so fine and the frosted finish makes for a great minimal piece. as for the aquamarine siren ring, i think there is something slightly mermaid-like about its hue and its ideal for stacking with my eternity ring from thomas sabo. a continuous waving line that travels around the entire length of the band - its a simple idea but is executed so well and again, is beautiful when layered with other items.
from pandora, i've acquired a fair few pieces, but the ring i wear each day is a recent gift: signature of love. i saw something similar in gold on karlie kloss a while back and upon seeing this, knew it would be a wonderful accompaniment to my other items. i have a soft spot for calligraphy, and so the decorative element of the word 'love' spelled out seemed very suited to my simplistic aesthetic and a good way to round out my hand jewellery.

/ earrings
something i very rarely take off are these earrings gifted to me on my 21st birthday. i seem to have a thing about openwork, so these hoops finishing three-quarters of the way off a full circle spoke volumes to me. another pandora find, but sadly they're now discontinued.

/ necklace
necklaces are the item of jewellery i sport the least for a reason unbeknown to me - i think its simply the piece i forget to apply most often. this tiffany tag pendant was a present years and years back from my boyfriend and so its very sentimental still. the plain heart is in fact turquoise on the other side, however i far prefer this more minimal way of wearing the necklace. its from the original new york address of tiffany and co., a city i've wanted to visit for so long now and whilst i may not wear it every single day, its one of my most-loved pieces.

/ watch
lastly, my michael kors watch (again, discontinued) which is easily my loudest piece. when i think of watches, i think of something quite masculine, with big wrist links and a large chronographic face. therefore when i finally became an owner of one myself, i wanted the like. i love the androgyny of this watch; the rose face adding femininity and a small touch of colour to my monochromatic dress code. whilst i may one day look for something more minimalistic in approach for everyday wear, for now i'm very content.