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because i strongly dislike hair styling, i need something thats low-maintenance. simple, undone, but still cool - thats my ethos when it comes to both cut and colour. i'm naturally brunette, with straight, fine hair but a fair bit of it, and i've had my hair done every which way you could imagine. red: tick, black: tick, perm: tick. in the latter years though i've been a lot more consistent with choices, having settled on short, highlighted hair for the past 18 months, with still no intentions of change. it compliments my understated style and is easy to work with or leave alone completely some days, which suits both me and my morning routine. i thought in this post i would talk through my favoured products, routine and maintenance now that after 22 years, i'm firmly settled on a style and also, as a slight change of pace from my usual content. warning: its a wordy one..

to start, i wash my hair just twice a week. given its flat, stubborn nature, it's a lot more workable with a little product build up and grit, especially in relation to the tousled, everyday waves i usually sport. this is the regime that works best for me personally. for in-shower products i alternate between lush's big sea salt shampoo for mermaid volume and the john frieda beach blonde shampoo and conditioner. both smell beautiful - big has chunks of sea salt and smells like the coast, whilst the beach blonde range is peppermint scented. as well as this, i often incorporate a silver shampoo to rid my blonde hair of any brassiness and find the pro:voke touch of silver brightening shampoo works wonders, followed up by my usual choices.

next: air dry. i use a hairdryer only when in a rush, mostly out of laziness. on wet hair, i like to use the beach blonde surf spray to inject some texture into freshly washed hair, followed up by a matte paste for some grip. my appliances are old and affordable - i only use a drier when unavoidable and a drugstore pair of straighteners to curl, wave and of course, straighten my hair as desired. as i've said, i'm not particular about my hair - my parting changes every five minutes and i mess it around all day - so simple, multi-tasking tools are best suited to me. with these, i predominantly curl and wave my hair into a dramatic side part or straighten it into a clean centre part, tucking the front section behind my ears. other styles i like to throw in every so often for diversity are low pony-tails and buns, and if i have a little more time on my hands then halo braids are also a firm favourite. 

i like to play with my hair; tuck it, pull at loose strands and run my hands through it. for me, volume and movement are fundamentally important. even when in stricter styles, i don't like anything too particular or fussy. i like my roots showing through and love a mixture of blonde tones rather than one uniform colour. my colourist - kayleigh at the retreat - wholly gets these low-maintanence needs of mine and is wonderful at getting the exact kind of ash blonde i'm after. between her and my cousin tiffany who is also a qualified hairdresser, i switch up choppy and blunt cuts depending on what i'm wanting at the time. i never ask for the same thing twice but the general outcome always has the same effect: something slightly messy and most importantly, simple to look after.