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/      my four steps to a streamlined wardrobe

because i want to marie kondo the shit out of my life, i've decided to set up a handful of objectives when it comes to my clothes to banish bad habits and live minimally.

1/ keep it simple
this year, i want to make a conscious effort to not fall for fleeting trends. i've already made a good start with this one as i actively avoided the 70's stylings last year in favour of classic cuts and fine basics, but more than that i want to avoid 'wow' items with no lasting power. more than once i've  bought clothes of-the-moment that don't compliment my signature style and fall out of fashion just as quickly as they arrived. note to self: an understated classic is never a waste of money.

2/ investing
i come from a family that favours bargains, and whilst the odd sale buy never hurt anybody - or their bank account - on occasion i think my money would be better spent on pricier items made to last. winter coats, leather boots, cotton blends. things that'll look and feel lovely for years to come.

3/ employ a clothing criteria
 to combat impulse buying, i want to impliment a small set of questions to myself each time i think to buy something - rules that go beyond the obvious 'does it fit?':

- diversity: at least three ways to wear.
- no compromises: is it exactly what i'm looking for?
- details: silver > gold, buttons > poppers etc.

fussy? without question. by being strict with myself though, i hope to rid myself of seasonal clear outs by the bundle in favour of clever essentials.

4/ shop less, save more
certainly the toughest of them all, but there are so many things i want to do with my life, its about time i got started. visiting new york, saving for a home; things that seem way too mature for little old me. nevertheless, i can't possibly dream of doing any of the above if i'm always digging in my pockets for another kind of coat. time to grow up and get wise so that i can be adventurous and ambitious in my twenties, instead of wearing and/or eating all of my money and living payslip to payslip.

do you have any? if so, fire away..

2 comments on "STYLE RESOLUTIONS"
  1. i love investment pieces that i know i'll get a lot of wear out of, however i could definitely use some work on not buying so much stuff that i end up not liking within a month haha.

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. you and i both danielle, especially when working in retail *doh*