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/    a compilation of my winter knits, new and old (and for once, folded neatly)

a happy 2016 to you loves. its been a while since i last posted but with a hop, skip and a lot of html, e-miwt? is back from hiatus and about ready for the new year. apologies for the quiet spell, it probably will won't i'll try my hardest not to let it happen again. i'm blaming christmas.


with the snap of winter settling in now, there's no better time to give love to old jumpers or make room for more. as it stands, i'm quite content with my collection of cosy knitwear - of course, its mostly monochrome and holds preference to a high neck - but still, i like to think each piece serves a unique purpose. my most loved jumpers come from zara aka the mothership, but sometimes i can be swayed by other hightstreet offerings too, in particularly this black ribbed roll neck and navy pinstriped scarf because -side note- pinstripes are bomb.

fine, sheer, structured, oversized. basically i rarely came across something knitted that i didn't like.

  1. I really like these sort of colours! Looks really lovely!