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LATEST PURCHASE: A couple of jumpers, one particularly Christmassy

ON MY LIPS: M.A.C Stone // M.A.C Styled in Sepia


HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Polite people <3

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ysl black opium perfume
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christmassy candles

Firstly, apologies for a quiet spell from me - motivation's been low and Christmas anticipation has been high,
so I've been fobbing off poor E-MIWT? in favour of present buying and lighting spicy candles (but more on that later...).
Anyway, with November done and dusted I'm here to finish off the year with a final burst of energy,
starting with my favourite things of the month...

For style favourites things have been a little bit boring dare I say (?)
 in that I have no wow items to share with you,
rather an old flame and a new leg length that I've been smitten with.
Having pulled out all of my old coats from storage, I've become reacquainted with the classic big fluffy parka coat - minus the fluff!
By detaching the soft lining that has certainly seen better days by now, I've made myself a light, waterproof number that's been amazing for grab-and-go days,
photos HERE.
And as for the KICK FLARES aforementioned,
they definitely offer up a marmite trouser option but I couldn't be more gooey-eyed for them.
Mine come in the form of denim (duh) and were given some limelight in THIS OOTD, which may be one of my favourite looks of the year. 
Coincidence? Definitely not.

In the way of beauty, the YSL BLACK OPIUM perfume has been by far my favourite scent for autumn/winter.
It's dark, vanilla goodness that lingers so nicely on my big jumpers and scarves, which honestly just makes me that bit happier.
LUSH baths, of course are heavily on my radar being that they always step up their game ten-fold at Christmas time - so far my favourites are yog nog, so white and holly go-lightly.
And lastly, for a girl who is not interested in glitter, M.A.C'S ALL THAT GLITTERS has me eating my words. Rose gold and gorgeous for the festive season, I highly recommend her.

Bearing my lack of motivation in mind, for life favourites I have been obseeeessed with THE WALKING DEAD. In fact, 2 series in way under a week were consumed so I would definitely say the proof is in the pudding there - don't ask questions, just try it! Preferably in the evening with fairy lights and a good YANKEE candle.
For this wonderful time of year I've been gaga over salted caramel and christmas memories - amazing for all things cinnamon, pine needles and clove-ey. And if I'm not getting high on candle fumes, its on coffee.
Costa's STICKY TOFFEE LATTES have been my absolute favourite christmas drink from the coffee shops and I highly recommend it to all. 

Happy December,

2 comments on "NOV FAVOURITES"
  1. Lush baths seem so much better in the lead up to Christmas! I've put down MAC's all that glittters on my xmas list, it's so so gorgeous. And as a coffee lover, I'm pretty disappointed in myself that I haven't got down to my local Costa/Starbucks to try out the festive exclusives - need to change that asap :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. tell me about it - and i have a ton left over every time!
      hope you had a lovely christmas charlotte x