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Its been a little while now since my last HOW TO post, and to be frank I think there's a fair reason for the said absence.
 I suppose I don't like to get too preachy on you guys about the do's and don'ts of personal style, because really there aren't any rules and better yet, who am I to tell you what to wear?
 Nevertheless, I love to read about individual perspectives on getting up and getting dressed each and every day, so as long as you're willing to read my recommendations with a pinch of salt and perhaps a cup of tea (after all it could be a long one), I'll spend the next few minutes trading five of my tips with you, this time on how I tackle an always-oversized approach to fashion. Because, and let's face it, most of my clothes look more like sacks on the hanger than things anyone would actually wear, so I think I'm pretty seasoned on the subject...

1/ balance
for any first-timers, i think the best way to approach oversized attire is through a question of balance. if its a big, slouchy jumper on your mind, pair it with a bare leg or skinny jean. if it's a culotte, opt for a cropped knit. either way, your frame will always be flattered making it a definite winner for the fainter-hearted.

2/ the feminine touch
for the intermediate amongst you, I suggest adding a hint of femininity to a more shapeless outfit. if i'm wearing a heavy jumper and boyfriend jeans, i like to roll up the hems and showcase some shoulder. if it's a men's shirt kind of day, i'll only button up a couple of times to show the hint of a pretty lace bra or a little peek of waist. these small touches make for a big difference in my book and take it from downright manly to an androgynous blend.

3/ beware areas
if i could warn people off anything in the oversized area, firstly it would be to have things fitted at the shoulder. for example, if its a structured blazer i'm after, i will always investigate how it sits on my shoulders to avoid looking like a quarterback. second of all, if its a floaty dress or the like, make sure it skims over your figure rather than clinging to your hips or the girls, even if it means going up a size (or three if you have love handles like me, eugh). after all, i'd rather size up and look slighter than pick up the right size and have it hit me in all the wrong places.

4/ androgyny
self explanatory really: play on it, don't be shy!
raid your boyfriends shirts or jackets, pick up a mannish pair of shoes, whatever you fancy.. 

5/ layers
the possibilities of layering rise ten-fold when you're no longer afraid of excess fabric. midi dresses over cropped trousers, long jumpers over sheer skirts - it's easily one of my favourite things about the style. think mary-kate and ashley olsen and you're golden.

Et voila! Granted your boyfriends may not be big fans - after all it entails a lot of thieving from their wardrobes and its hardly a sexy way to dress - but if you're anything like me then you'd pass up a wolf whistle in favour of a 'where did you get that? from a passing girl any day.

  1. Your minimal style is absolutely amazing!

  2. thank you sophia! so lovely of you x