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After a good reception from uploading my own Christmas wishlist (thank you a billion, by the way), I had a little think and a long browse on the world wide web, all with gifting on my brain in a very big way. From this procrastination venture, I've come up with a budget gift guide for a series of 20 something girls, so whether it's a secret santa or a fussy family member, hopefully this post helps you out in some small way. 

for the homebody
for the girl that loves to stay inside (ahem, me), i have a couple of ideas to feed her love for home comforts.
firstly, a winter candle.
they scent the room, set a mood and add a lovely touch to any interior,
 but with so many scents to choose from, it can easily get a little overwhelming.
as for me, i'm a firm believer in the power of a YANKEE candle, which retail from tea lights for £2 all the way up to the daddy jar at £22.99, fitting to any budget and taste.
in particularly - my choice scent for gifting would be FLUFFY TOWELS.
seriously, who doesn't like the smell of clean? It's both comforting and fresh, not too heady and the white jar will sit well with any colour scheme.
easy peasey.

for the girl who loves to organise
or the girl who desperately needs to be, fast!
 this journal from URBAN OUTFITTERS is such a good find.
 a) it's undated so can be used as much or as little as needed, and b) each page has 'to-do' lists, 'notes' sections and all kinds of things to make a stationary junkie go weak at the knees.
she's £15 and comes in mint too *swoon*
and for NOTEBOOKS - UO have everything from marble to ... more marble for £6 or so.

for the girl who's got everything
moving on with the marble theme, for a girl who's got it all a PHONE CASE like this is very 'pinterest' and therefore will go down a storm i'm sure.
and what's more? you can get them for all smartphones for as little as a couple of quids.
p.s. they also work great for any girl who favours the odd mirror selfie.

for the girl who's always cold
you know her. she's cold in the office, she's cold in the house, she's practically hypothermic in the car.
but we love her all the same.
for this one, it's got to be a big winter scarf, surely.
ZARA ones are great because they're super soft and will frequent as a blanket too i'm sure, due to all the amazing excess material.
if you're shaky, go neutral like the monochrome number pictured above so you know it'll tie in with any outfit and voila, all for under £20.

for the beauty guru
two words: charlotte tilbury.
this is a wow item for any girl who knows her makeup brands, and looks oh so beautiful with its rose gold packaging.
a shade to suit everybody would be BITCH PERFECT - and what a name, too.
the perfect 'your lips but (a lot) better' shade.
i mean if its good enough for kate moss, surely its good enough for *insert name*.

and for every girl in-between
generalised ideas range from a monogrammed MUG for the office or home, some dainty JEWELLERY with a starsign symbol, LUSH goodies of course - for both a BATH girl and those preferable to a SHOWER - and a STYLE BOOK for all fashion obsessives.

And that's me done for the year.
Now, we just need to wrap it all... *face palm*
Happy gifting