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BREAKFAST: Bacon sarnie

FAVOURITE SCENT: All things mint

TONIGHT'S PLANS:  Cinema w David

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Having finally sold my old car, yaaas


As time has gone on, its fair to say my M.A.C lipliner collection is looking a little hefty now; big enough to create post's worth at last! My obsession is primarily made up from a weakness for all things nude with a matte finish, however you will find a few alternative shades tossed in too. They last a lifetime -both as a product and on the lips - and basically I'm just a sucker for these little love sticks. Cracking on, the collection is as follows...

boldly bare
bought on recommendation by SONYA ESMAN, BOLDLY BARE is one of my most worn shades.
i would class her as a sort of everyday pink/rosey nude, something appropriate for anything and everything.

my 'night-out nude'. i would class SOAR as a colour cross between mauve, pink and nude, fitting in my collection as a deeper version of boldly bare.
for extra longevity, i like to pair with the lipstick MEHR, which is another YOUTUBE recommendation,
this time from the lovely LILY PEBBLES.

3/ whirl
a lipliner i admit to having worn very rarely.
i would class this shade as a browner equivalent of soar and for whatever reason unbeknown to me,
WHIRL just seems to always lose out in favour of my other nude liners *naaaawh*. 

4/ stripdown
another of my most worn liners. STRIP DOWN is a brown nude with a real 90's kickback,
i love it best when worn with YASH lipstick, day or night.
and yes, i will certainly hold my hands up to having overdrawn with it once or twice...

5/ oak
perhaps the least worn 'kylie jenner shade' in my collection.
i personally find it a cooler version of strip down, and therefore seem to reach for her in favour of OAK.
it's no fault of oak, just me, I'm afraid, as it is a lovely taupe/brown colour.

6/ stone
STONE is a dark brown, along the same lines as oak but just packing in a little more punch through depth of colour.
it's my go-to statement lip and i love wearing it with either
STYLED IN SEPIA (limited edition, sorry) or FILM NOIR.

7/ burgundy
my most recent buy, BURGUNDY was bought with autumn in mind.
berry or brown reds are typically the only hue of red i'll wear these days, however if i'm heading for something a little more classic,
i'll pop a little RUSSIAN RED over top for something more hollywood.

8/ nightmoth
and lastly, NIGHTMOTH. She is very dark, be warned, but i've grown to love her.
Again, I like to bring in FILM NOIR to really vamp things up - i love to wear a dark lip day or night,
so no limitations here.

And still on my wishlist? SUBCULTURE and CHESTNUT. You know, because I'm so lacking in both nude and brown shades... doy.

Happy weekend wonderful,


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