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BREAKFAST: Costa pastry

ON MY LIPS: A whole heap of lip balm

CURRENT TWEET: 'Netflix and chill with my wife @Charlotte1420 *bride emojis*'

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Getting into bed - aaaaaaaah

What with cold crisp mornings, hot busy trains and everything that goes in-between, knowing how to dress has been a bit of a disaster currently for us Brits. As soon as I've wrapped my head around the idea of the late summer sun, the weather shifts and I wish I'd wrapped a scarf around me sharpish instead. Basically, its a case of head f**kery at its finest.
A way I've found to combat the confusion however is with this old fellow that - til now - had been living in my under stairs cupboard.

neutral: of course.
masculine shape: obviously.
tailoring: duh.

Its as true to my style as you can get and how I ever forgot about it? I just don't know. I've been popping this on (and off, depending) every single day no matter the outfit nor the occasion.
Holy grail status?: Hells yes.

What's been your transitional go-to?


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