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HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Going into the ITV studio to watch the This Morning fashion segment live <3

Wow. This week.

My feet are raw and my eyes are drooping on this 7:37 to Waterloo, but it’s easily been the most exciting few days, ever-ever. EVER.
As some of you already know, I’m interning at ITV THIS MORNING as a style intern (read as: all of you definitely know as I’ve gone on…and on…and on about it). Anyway, its left little room for my many mutterings over here so I apologise if this latest post isn’t up to par but I figured with what little time I do have, I’d clue you in on my average day at work…

09:30/ car into oxford street
10:00/ store returns
12:30/ meet w the fashion producer
12:45/ buying for friday’s shoot
14:30/ tube to studio
15:00/ lunch
15:30/ organise fashion cupboard for next segment
17:30/ steam
18:00/ home time

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m also lucky enough to watch the fashion segments with Gok etc. live from the studio and so I am the happiest sleepy girl there was. My IG is gradually becoming fuller with London-themed photos and such from my ventures out, but over the next three weeks hopefully I’ll be able to find a very nice volunteer to snap some ootd’s for ELISHA-MAE I WEAR THIS? The train is about to pull in now so I’m going to have to dash off,

Until the next time lovelies,

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