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... And so, the denim obsession rages on. Sorry if things are getting a little same-ey around these parts but I just can't help it, the weakness I have is (ironically) only getting stronger! smh
Anyway with a generous gift card for TOPSHOP burning a hole in my back pocket - well, things were bought. Namely, this boy blue. 
I've been on the hunt for the right denim shirt for a little while now, the criteria being:

1/ a light blue/bleach colour
2/ buttons > poppers
3/ an oversized fit
4/ and a quality feel

So, after a fair bit of searching here, there and everywhere, THIS GUY surfaced in my local store, offering up the whole lot for a fair price of £35. 
Although perhaps a little pricey on first impressions, I then remembered a good shirt lasts a lifetime in my wardrobe (see my last ootd BLUE BLACK for evidence). Plus, I can wear it a dozen different ways and through all four seasons, but especially in the upcoming summer/autumn transition.

Speaking of, I can't wait to start dressing for a slightly colder season - mostly because I can go back to all-black outfits without feeling bad about it! Old habits die hard and all that.

Let me know if you'd like to see me style this piece in a ootd or something like that soon!


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