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The other morning I decided to have a little clear-out, being that I'm 99% sure I'm a Libra trapped in a Cancerian's body and organising is one of my favourite hobbies... no, really. Anyway, as I was making donate/dump piles I decided why not walk you through my ethos to the ideal wardrobe, to ensure every item serves its purpose, makes sense and stays true to my personal style.

1/ evolve
If you're anything like me then a little weekly spend is never far around the corner. With the regular additions I make to my collection of clothes though, I also try to constantly consider the items withstanding in my wardrobe. Small and regular, or even just seasonal clear-outs are a really good way to free up my hangers, clean up the clutter and make sense of what it is I'm truly missing in my stash of stuff. That way, I'm a little less likely to over-buy or over-budget on clothes.

2/ store
A parka made handy in the midst of summer is, put plainly, a waste (even if its a rainy, UK one). By storing away my winter items in the warmer months and vice versa, I can make the most of my rail space, saving it for those things I'll actually get some wear from right now.

3/ stick to staples
Easier said than done when you work in retail *face palm* but as a basic rule, I try not to get too sucked into fleeting trends. I've found its been more rewarding to determine my own style and stay true to that aesthetic. How I've managed to hone in on my personal fashion preferences is by thinking of three words to describe it, idea courtesy of LAUREN CONRAD, then using it as a form of criteria for all future pieces. 

My magic three? neutral, minimal, androgynous.
By setting up these guidelines my clothes have become wholly interchangeable plus they manage to kerb my impulse buying, if only ever so slightly.

4/ invest
I like to try and spend money where it'll matter the most. For me, this applies to jackets or coats and also shoes, as these are things I wear everyday, without fail and therefore just about earn back every pretty penny I spent on them. Things like bags, jeans and jewellery however are also worth investing in...

5/ organise
Lastly, being that I'm slightly obsessive and my clothes are basically the puppies I've never had, I try to keep them looking as Pinterest-worthy as possible. For me, colour coding is a must but if you prefer, organising by items such as dresses, jumpers etc., injects just a little more calm into the dreaded morning rush. 

And there we go: a handful of simple steps so I know where to save, where to splurge and where to downright stop, put all the shit in my arms down and leave the store. Of course, its a continuing case of trial and error as my tastes change but so far, so good!

What three words would you use to describe your style?
Happy weekend,


  1. Great post ! I like the #4. I can also invest in an expensive jacket b/c I have the idea to keep it for years. And like you, I prefer to buy things that I like & not follow all those trends that change every month smh.. lol

    Nice blog btw :)

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