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Obviously, given that its England, summer days can be few and far between. However when the sun does have its hat on, I've definitely acquired a certain sort of uniform to save myself much thought when in a morning rush. 

DISCLAIMER: I definitely find my casual dressing tendencies increase tenfold in the summer, so if a rotation of flats and loose fits are your cup of joe then...

1/ deep back details

I would definitely say this is my summer signature - to me nothing is better looking than a low back and a deep tan. Admittedly, my tan comes from a bottle and is a little lacking even then but the vision is what counts. My favourite picks come from New Look, and for £8 a pop in every monochrome option there is, I'm a very happy camper. They work well with denim cut offs for daywear or tailored trousers and a heel for the night time, and don't even get me started on how handy they'd come in on a holiday...

2/ converses

Converses are easily my most worn shoe. Super comfy and all white, well its not really a surprise is it? Although, I admit usually they're more of a dirty brown/grey colour, these pups are actually fresh from the washing machine especially for their moment in front of the lens. My favourite way to wear them is with raw hem jeans or as the finishing touch of footwear to an all-white outfit.

3/ lace

Whether it be something subtle like a delicate lace bra or as a detail on a pair of shorts - you can't deny how pretty a splash of lace can be, especially as a feminine touch on a more androgynous outfit. 

4/ denim

I not along ago spoke about my growing love for denim in a post titled 5 THINGS TO SMILE ABOUT, so I won't harp on too much about the genre but its important I explain just how versatile it is, and therefore why my collection of it has grown at a ridiculous rate over the past couple of months.

Denim jackets, sleeveless or otherwise have been a firm favourite, as well as shorts, shirts and of course the classic: a good pair of jeans. I've definitely been in favour of a distressed finish, so rips and raw hems have been the main attraction in my wardrobe, and ideally in a black, bleach or true blue wash to achieve a cool 90s vibe. 

5/ ralph lauren day bag

I now have a fair few bags around this kind of size - I used to carry around my kitchen sink in ridiculously sized totes, but nowadays I by far prefer a moderately sized satchel or bucket bag. As long as its got room for the essentials and perhaps a snack or two then I'm good and *bonus* no dead arm side effect.

So, now I'm officially converted, this Ralph Lauren houndstooth hand-me-down has been the perfect accessory to run around with. The emblem, sneaky front pocket and hints of baby blue embedded in the pattern are what wins me over about this little guy - he's the perfect way to add a punch to my sometimes plain way of dressing.

Whats been on your summer rotation?



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