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With graduation in a couple of days, I thought I would give you lovely bunch a glimpse of my decided outfit. I am not a formalwear kind of girl - you'll sooner find me in a men's shirt than a fancy frock - so I have tried to suit and boot myself as poshly as possible, whilst also staying true to my personal style...

Firstly, I have opted for an all-white ensemble. What else?

 Secondly, the outfit comprises of three parts: dress, suit jacket and snakeskin accessories. The dress I actually wore to my university ball just recently and due to its versatility, I saw no reason not to recycle it into a timeless grad dress. The key piece however is the jacket. The pinstripes, the boyfriend cut, the lovely lapels - all of these attributes are what makes it my ultimate jacket, and with photographs that'll stay with me for the rest of my days, I wouldn't want to be pictured in anything else. A small investment, sure, but with key pieces such as this I don't mind spending a pretty penny...

I'll be uploading my favourite photos from the big day and giving you a little life update this coming weekend, so stay tuned for the final result and wish me luck on the almighty walk of doom!

Best wishes to all my fellow graduates!


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