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A while ago, I started writing lists with Moorea Seal's 52 Lists project - a lovely way to set goals, find clarity and feel uplifted. Naturally I fell out of the habit, however with the rest of my life laid out in front of me and a long summer to start, I have decided making these lists again would be a nice little idea, or at least a good way to procrastinate...

Summers are almost as significant as the arrival of a new year: gym memberships multiply by the plenty, social media sites are brimming with photos of beaches, cocktails and brown skin, and every girl's hair gets a little - or a lot - blonder. To set off my own sunny season, I've written a list of summer goals to share, as follows:

book a trip
drink pimms, prosecco and a lot of mojitos
turn 22 gracefully (unlikely if ^ is anything to go by)
join a circuit training class
get a tan
grow my hair into a long bob
spend as much time with friends as I can
graduate university with a 2:1 or higher
blog, blog and blog some more
eat healthy
set up a study space
improve on my photography skills
get more cartilage piercings
have an almighty clear-out
tree-top climbing
make money
read books
rise early

What are your summer plans?