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Extracted from the lovely blog Bonjour Luce, these little titbits are here just to give you a little more sense of me, beyond just ripped jeans, big jumpers and my general tomboyish nature when it comes to clothes...

Red or White Wine? A cocktail
City or Countryside?  The countryside
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Sweet or Savoury? Sweet
Dresses or Jeans? Jeans
Heels or Flats? Flats
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? *has a big old think...* Beyonce
Tea or Coffee? Tea please
Divergent or Hunger Games? Hunger Games
Blogposts or YT Videos? Both
Skincare or Make Up? Makeup, makeup, makeup!
Night or Morning? Night
Pizza or Burgers? Thats like choosing your favourite child aka impossible
Books or Magazines? Books
Facebook or Twitter? Tweet tweet 
Summer or Winter? Winter 
Digital or Film Photos? Digital

What is your favourite?
City? New York says the girl thats never been, haha
Book? Pictures of Lily by Paige Toon
Movie? The Lion King
TV Show? Right now, Pretty Little Liars
Perfume? Jo Malone: Wood Sage and Sea Salt
Nail Polish? I'm not really into nails something nude
Skincare Item? Ultrabland oil cleanser by Lush Cosmetics
Lipstick? At the moment, Yash by M.A.C 
Foundation? M.A.C Pro Longwear foundation 
Food? Anything with cheese 
Dessert? A big old slice of brownie 
Place to eat in Bath? Pancakes from The Cosy Club  
Alcoholic Drink? A blueberry mojito 
Non Alcoholic Drink? Peach iced tea 
Actor/Actress? Tom Hanks/Rachel McAdams 
Singer/Band? Queen B 

And if you're wondering, all of my photos come from courtesy of my Instagram feed: elishamaeiveson. Feel free to have a snoop, in fact I encourage it :-* 

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